15 Good Reasons to OWN a Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill

15 Good Reasons to OWN a Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill  Sign

1.  Versatile cooking options:  Everything to Grill, smoke, sear or bake comes with the Kamado Joe at no additional cost.

2.  Sturdy cart holds heavy-duty ceramic grill securely …making maneuvering easy – Included with purchase

3.  Slide-out ash drawer creates easy clean-up for ash removal – patented feature

4.  Clever folding shelve design for storage and additional space – Included with purchase

5.  Flexible cooking system with ‘Divide & Conquer’ inner shelving – Included with purchase

6.  Exceptional temp control with dual-disc cast iron top vent

Pro Tip: The top disc (daisy wheel) is used for low-temp cooking; the bottom disc is used for grilling, baking, roasting and searing.

GrillView7.  High-fire, heat-resistant ceramic vessel – cool to the touch.  Available in two colors: red & black

8.  Handy tool organization with FOUR utensil pins on each shelf

9.  Temperature control with 304 stainless-steel draft door

10.  Gather the ash around the ash drawer with the handy ‘Ash tool’ – Included with purchase

11.  Keep hands clean and protected with the ‘Grill gripper’ – Included with purchase

12.  Like baking? Anything baked in an oven, can be baked on a Kamado Joe.

13.  Thanks to the insulative properties and lump charcoal, up to 750 F can be reached quickly! Steaks come off sizzling, just like a high-end steak house!

Pro Tip: Lump charcoal lights quicker then briquettes; you’ll be ready to grill in 15 min or less!

14.  Low temps are manageable for up to 12 hours for slow cooker and smoker cooking

15.  Ceramic construction, unique shape, the use of lump charcoal …means moister meats and wood-fire flavor!Steak

“Just as advertised all the food cooked on the Kamado Joe is moister and has an enjoyable wood fire flavor. We smoke fish, bake breads & pizza, grill and sear steaks. Kamado Joe is enjoyed by every member of our family!” Jeanne Prittinen, Virginia, Minnesota

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