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Getting ready for the 2014  Building Home and Remodeling Show!  Our booth remodel, from last year’s structure to this year’s show piece, is in the works!  Show dates have posted — March 7-9th; we hope you’ll make plans to attend!

Last year’s booth project was a major undertaking!  Three weeks of preparation and 40 hours to assemble with a crew of 10…Monday – Thursday.  The vision, hard work and dedication of Bill Denyers, along with his team, was a huge success and greatly appreciated!

We’re frequently reminded of how incredibly blessed we are to have such talented employees!

Plans are developing to transform our former TRANSITIONAL booth design, with it’s mix of traditional and contemporary elements, into a contemporary loft space.  A glimpse of last year’s layout…

Before&AfterFBLEFT-side view of last year’s booth.









Open floor plan with a Transitional living room and dinning space.






Last year’s  kitchen — U-shaped.29Post600sz












Here’s our schematic for this year’s home show.  Notice how it mimics last year’s floor plan; however, with noticeable differences to come!  It’s our in-house discussion piece for design collaboration — here’s what’s on the design table, but not in stone:  1. raised roof for an urban loft renewal look; 2.  open booth structure — removing supporting beam; 3. Contemporary design; 4. Urban/ rustic/ loft and 5. re-purposed brick!!  Lot’s to come; we’ll keep you posted, right here, on our blog spot with our progress.





Last year’s TRANSITIONAL space to a CONTEMPORARY Loft.  With these plans, our goal is to show homeowners the removal of exterior walls is not essential to have the look you love.  While using your existing structure, same amount of space, consider moving interior walls to form the dream home/room you desire.

Thinking about a Home remodel?  Give us a call today for a FREE in-home estimate!  Request for an appointment today!

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