25 Days of Haley’s – October 22nd 50% off Granite Cleaner & Sealer

Sale of the Day for Tuesday, October 22nd:Oct 22 - 600

Kitchen counters, stove tops, stainless steal appliances, metal surfaces, stone, etc. inevitably need attention in cleaning and sealing for granite and stone surfaces.

Today’s featured deal is on our recommended granite cleaner and sealer at 50% off retail!

GranQuartz 113M is a professional grade maintenance product that cleans, polishes, and protects all polished stone and metal surfaces!  This THREE-in-ONE product  leaves no grubby build-up; dries beautifully — streak and residue free!  Listen to the results from one satisfied client:

I have 20 years cleaning experience and let me tell you this is BY FAR the best most versatile cleaner EVER!!! Not only does it work miracles on the counter-tops and stainless steel, but it gives a sheen to tile back-splashes, streak-less mirrors, removes soap scum from shower walls, creates beautiful shower glass doors resists hand prints on appliances, does wonders for black appliances, cuts threw grease. A little goes a long way so for the money you get a lot of clean power!” ~Professional Cleaner from norfolk, VA

GranQuartz 314P Premium Impregnator (sealer) is a high performance silicone (alkoxysilane) suitable and recommended for use on all natural stones, interior or exterior, regardless of finish type. This product provides maximum protection from water penetration and water-borne stains. Use in areas that come into frequent contact with water such as showers, all exterior stone work, and flooring that is subjected to heavy routine cleaning.  This product can preserve the authenticity of your stone…will not change it’s color appearance, allows the stone to “Breathe”, UV resistant, no yellowing or discoloring.

These products are available in the showroom in limited quantities.  Special orders do not apply to this sale.  Take advantage of this exclusive one-time offer!


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