25 Days of Haley’s – October 24th $1.25 sqft Carpet Pad & Installation

Sale of the Day for Thursday, October 24th:Oct 24 - 600

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that the total cost of they’re new carpet purchase is more than the “cost per square foot” of the carpet itself.  Potential additional expenses may incur, such as:

  1. Furniture removal/replacement.
  2. Demolition/disposal of old floor covering. Depending on the existing floor covering, this can be an expensive item; also, be sure to include the cost to dispose of the old floor covering.
  3. Sub-floor preparation. Depending on the condition of the sub-floor, it may require additional work.
  4. Product delivery.
  5. Carpet installation. Determine the cost per square foot to install it.
  6. Materials required to complete the installation. Your new carpet may require additional materials to install it properly, like adhesives, moisture barriers, stair-nosing, baseboards, etc.

Our 25 Days of Haley’s sale today includes some of these additional fees at a LOW price of $1.25 per sq ft!  Sale includes: Carpet,  carpet pad installation, old carpet take-up and furniture removal.  Visit us at the showroom so we can help you take advantage of this great deal!!


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