Union Square by Daltile – Diverse Applications to a Classical Look

Five facts you probably did not know about our brick wall:

1. The look of brick in a Porcelain ‘ brick’  Tile!  Used as a paver floor and wall tile called Union Square by Daltile. The color, we chose to use, is Courtyard Red with an installation technique using Buff mortar, wire brushing and clear sealer to finish.  In our application, the Buff mortar was chosen to tone down the red; bringing out the brown tones in the brick.


2.  Abrasion and skid resistant.BrickWall2-comp

3.  Excellent durability with a break strength, up to, 400 lb.


4.  Indoor or outdoor application with residential and commercial usage.


5. Frost Proof.


Daltile’s Union Square series of ceramic tile offers the perfect way to create an antique weathered/ cobblestone appearance with diverse applications. This tile is available in two different sizes, 2” x 8” and 4” x 8”, creating an excellent way to personalize the look of a floor, patio pool deck, counter-top, back splash or accent wall. There’s four brick shades available including Cobble Brown, a dark brown shade; Courtyard Red, a dark brick red; Heirloom rose, a tan color with a pink hue; and Terrace Beige, a medium beige color.

Stop by our store today and ask one of our flooring experts how Daltile’s Union Square series of ceramic tile can help bring a classic stunning look to your indoor and/or outdoor spaces.

Increase your Home Security with a Liberty Safe

According to the FBI- Uniform Crime Reporting, the following information was released about Burglary in America:

  • In 2010, there were an estimated 2,159,878 burglaries—a decrease of 2.0 percent when compared with 2009 data.
  • Burglaries increased 2.0 percent in 2010 compared to the 2001 estimate.
  • Burglary accounted for 23.8 percent of the estimated number of property crimes committed in 2010.
  • Of all burglaries, 60.5 percent involved forcible entry, 33.2 percent were unlawful entries (without force), and the remainder (6.3 percent) were forcible entry attempts.
  • Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property in 2010; overall, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,119.
  • Burglaries of residential properties accounted for 73.9 percent of all burglary offenses.

Consider protecting your property valuables with a heavy duty residential vault such as a Liberty Safe.  Join the more than 1.5 MILLION HOMEOWNERS who have found the peace of mind that comes from buying a heavy duty, sturdy steel residential or commercial vault from the Liberty Gun Safe company.  America’s #1 producer, selling more than 1.4 MILLION SAFES, as of 2012.   In business for over 24 years and named the #1 best selling home and guns safes in America carrying a strong reputation for quality fire and security safes; reliable long term performance and dependable service.

Safe, durable and is the perfect gift that will last as long as it’s warranty… a LIFE-TIME!


Durability is not the only selling feature of these safes.  Liberty Safe offers a way for homeowners to monitor their safe while away through alert triggers, which are customizable.  According to the FBI, Home Break-In’s are the most common threat to a home, while most home intrusions happen when a homeowner is away, therefore, a device which detects a threat and notifies the homeowner becomes a valuable extension to security.



If SafeLert Monitoring System by Liberty Safe detects a threat or change in condition, the system will notify the homeowner with an alert via text(s) and/or email(s).  Click here to read more about this feature>


If your concerned about keeping up with your combination or losing it…Liberty Safe has a NEW feature that saves the day!

The Liberty COMBO VAULT retrieval system



This simple to set-up feature is FREE for all Liberty Safe owners.  The system allows safe owners to store their combination through a safe and secure encrypted program — only the safe owner has access to the information and retrieval is easy.

In the pass, safe owners would have to call Liberty for their combination.  This curtsy service has not gone away and is still an option, however, now more efficient to have access to the information through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection.

Click here to read more about Liberty’s Combo Vault Feature>

If you’ve been in the market to buy a sturdy – steel – security safety vault we’d love to help!  We are a Liberty Safe Dealer; visit our show room and see our on-site selection.

Delivery is available; some restrictions apply.

Personalize Lighting Control – Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds

Everyone loves the sun, however, direct excessive heat exposure and UN-controlled home sunlight can effect wood floors, valuable furnishings and hinder energy efficiency for most homeowners.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to utilize the brilliance of technology to easily control the amount of sun exposure in the home?  Hunter Douglas offers a smart solution utilizing your mobile device; available for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®   technology’s.  Homeowners are utilizing the Platinum™ App which allows specific times to be set on a smart device; automatically raising, traversing or tilting window coverings at any time.  This tool drastically helps the homeowner to control summer generated heat, forcing it to stay OUT, while inviting winter heat to cozy-up and stay IN.

Watch this short video to find out how motorized blinds, by Hunter Douglas, helps homeowners efficiently and economically control sun exposure.

We are a Hunter Douglas dealer.  Visit our showroom today and allow our home experts to help you choose the window covering, which is, right for you.

2014 Building Home & Remodeling Show – Booth Remodel Insider

Getting ready for the 2014  Building Home and Remodeling Show!  Our booth remodel, from last year’s structure to this year’s show piece, is in the works!  Show dates have posted — March 7-9th; we hope you’ll make plans to attend!

Last year’s booth project was a major undertaking!  Three weeks of preparation and 40 hours to assemble with a crew of 10…Monday – Thursday.  The vision, hard work and dedication of Bill Denyers, along with his team, was a huge success and greatly appreciated!

We’re frequently reminded of how incredibly blessed we are to have such talented employees!

Plans are developing to transform our former TRANSITIONAL booth design, with it’s mix of traditional and contemporary elements, into a contemporary loft space.  A glimpse of last year’s layout…

Before&AfterFBLEFT-side view of last year’s booth.









Open floor plan with a Transitional living room and dinning space.






Last year’s  kitchen — U-shaped.29Post600sz












Here’s our schematic for this year’s home show.  Notice how it mimics last year’s floor plan; however, with noticeable differences to come!  It’s our in-house discussion piece for design collaboration — here’s what’s on the design table, but not in stone:  1. raised roof for an urban loft renewal look; 2.  open booth structure — removing supporting beam; 3. Contemporary design; 4. Urban/ rustic/ loft and 5. re-purposed brick!!  Lot’s to come; we’ll keep you posted, right here, on our blog spot with our progress.





Last year’s TRANSITIONAL space to a CONTEMPORARY Loft.  With these plans, our goal is to show homeowners the removal of exterior walls is not essential to have the look you love.  While using your existing structure, same amount of space, consider moving interior walls to form the dream home/room you desire.

Thinking about a Home remodel?  Give us a call today for a FREE in-home estimate!  Request for an appointment today!

Kitchen Cleaning Solution from the Showroom

The kitchen, often referred as the ‘Heart of Home’, is the room with the most LIFE!  A place where everyone lands; where meals are prepared – whether quick snacks, creative cooking or entertaining.  This space is one of the most visited, therefore, cleaning becomes an important recurring event.

Here’s one of our most visited showroom solutions to shine-up, protect and clean kitchen surfaces.  ONE spray; THREE purposes!

The 3-in-1 Spray Cleaner not only helps ‘Bring the Shine’ but also saves precious time and money with it’s versatility and protective qualities.


This professional quality cleaner cleans and polishes stone, metals, ceramic, stainless and chrome.  Spray a light coat directly onto the surface; buff completely dry with a cotton cloth.

Easy application which brings impressive results!  Proof, below, from the test kitchen.Microwave450




The 113M 3-in-1 is a Cleaner, Polisher and Protector for only $19.95 + tax in the showroom.  No surface buildup; use on any non-walking surface.  Resists water spots and stains; works while you are not!  Ask one of our flooring professionals to help determine if this product is right for you.

The Best of Haley’s Flooring & Interiors 2013 Recap

As we close another year, we say THANK YOU to everyone for your continued support and for making 2013 a success! It has been an amazing year!!

We would like to take a moment to recap the best of 2013! Most popular posts and inspirations…here’s to a great year!

2013 Dream Kitchen Makeover Winners – The Ron and Delita Potter > Click here to see YouTube video winnersFB

Top 50 U.S. Specialty Flooring Retailers 

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Haleys Grill Winner1-600DVD’s for Troops 2013 – Click here for the full postimage1-600Toys for Tots 2013 — Contributions from Our Christmas PartyToys-for-Tots450Simple Changes – Big Impact to this Transitional Room – Click here for the complete post

showroom1FBOur Favorite Green Bean Recipe – Click here for the recipe

GreenBeans4502013 Christmas Party ProposalClick here to view our Pinterest Board related to this postDSCF3620-FBNon-Traditional 50th Anniversary/ Engagement party – Click here to read the full post

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Adding Sparkle to your Table Scape for the New Year!

Keeping your current Christmas scape and simply adding a little ‘sparkle’ can transition well into your New Year’s Day festivities.  We shopped at our local craft store hunting for last minute deals before the new year.  We scored BIG with  these items slashed at 80% off…bringing us to a total of $8.75!

Here’s how we incorporated them in our current scape for a festive New Year’s Day look.

Bling450Attach an festive ornament to your current table setting.PlaceSetting450Tie a small ornament at the base of each glass for an extra festive look.

Glass450Add an encouraging saying to your centerpiece.Dazzle450We hung ornaments, at various lengths, to our light fixture for a festive look.Center450

Wishing you, and your loved-ones, a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve!  Enjoy!


Holiday Dining Decor – Rustic Table Scape

Dinner time is one of the most cherished moments in a family’s day!  The stage is set for good food, conversation and overall fellowship.   A holiday dinner is one of the most treasured events especially with loved-ones, not regularly accessible on a daily bases.

We’ve created an easy step-by-step process to enhance your holiday festivities — bringing ease to your dinning decor plan.  Here’s a tutorial from our Open House workshop; our version of rustic, with a touch of bling, for your holiday dinnertime.  We would love to be apart of your memorable experience!

Step 1: Form an old green wreath into a boat to form filler for your centerpiece.WreathForm400BrandedStep 2: Add your favorite vase to the centerVase&Snow400Branded Step 3: Set the table with fray-ed burlap place matsTableSetting1-400BrandedStep 4: Place table setting using chargers and favorite dinner platesTableSetting400BrandedStep 5: Complete table setting with memorable holiday snap-shots


Click here for the steps to create a memorable place setting…

Step 6: Layer greenery – pine, magnolia leaves, frosted pine cones, burlap ribbon, etc. LayeringGreens3BrandedDSC_0979-400BrandedStep 7: Complete the look with various accessories and ornamental bling!


Prep for a Clean Holiday – Carpet Spot Eliminator

Are you expecting company for the holidays?  We’d like to share a spot remover secret; easy to use, no hard scrubbing required, yields results!  Just point, spray, and watch the stain disappear!  Works on the toughest stains:  Wine – Grease – Shoe Polish – Make-up – Pet Stains – Oil – Ink

We’ve captured the power of this product; the demonstration below shows the results.  All it takes is a direct spray on the stain, wait 5 minutes, then blot with a white cloth — no scrubbing required, just impressive results!









Cleaning-up for the holidays doesn’t have to take a lot of work.  Use the Carpet Spot Eliminator to help remove unattractive stains in your carpet.  Only $7.99 in the showroom.


a No-bake Neighborly Gift Idea before Christmas

Don’t have time to bake this year?  Here’s an easy gift idea for a neighbor or friend or anyone you know who could really use a little generosity!  With Christmas 3-days away this gift idea would surly brighten someone’s day!

Step 1:  Pick out Wrapping Paper

WrappingPaper600Step 2:  Create your Message

We used a message inspired by our Christmas Pinterest board:  “Since November You’ve Been Shopping, barley Sleeping, hardly Stopping. Now it’s late and your in a scrape — out of paper, out of tape.  Hope this wrap helps save the day.  Have a Happy Holiday!”

Find the printable’s for this project on It’s Always Craft Time.







Step 3:  Layer Gift Tags, Tape and  Message — Tie to Top of Wrap







One unique Neighborly Gift — perfect before Christmas!