A Glimpse of Home – DVDs for Troops 2013

To our troops stationed overseas, there’s nothing more satisfying than a heart-warming glimpse of home. Every year the DVDs for Troops promotion gives businesses, customers and our community the chance to touch the hearts of the troops.  The collection of New or Used DVDs is an effort to serve soldiers overseas.  Kids DVDs (Disney, Pixar DVDs), will be donated to families of soldiers here at home.  DVDs are shipped to AMVETs, who’s handling the distribution.  Last year, 2,800 DVDs were donated in the Tennessee Valley; with your help, we know this year will be just as successful!

We’d like to thank Charter Media and History for their partnership and involvement with this wonderful event!


Look for the featured drop-off box on the flooring side of the showroom. Every movie we collect will be sent-off to give our troops a much-needed reminder of home. After that, it’s all up to Hollywood!


DVDs for Troops Campaign:  November 10-December 10

Thank you, Lite 96.9 Radio, for your generous support, as an advertiser, for this worthy cause!


Final pickup will be immediately after December 10th.  Together we can make a difference!

Take a look at this short DVD commercial and how you can win a trip to Washington D.C. through Charter!

25 Days of Haley’s – October 28th 3/8″ x 7″ Engineered Hardwood

Sale of the Day for Monday, October 28th:

Oct 28 - 600Wood floors are a classic addition to any home adding value, warmth, comfort and visual appeal. A well engineered wood floor can be difficult to distinguish from a solid plank floor.  Man-made hardwood tends to be easier to install and less expensive than transitional solid planks.  Get the classic look of hard wood for less!

Today’s sale is a great deal on Engineered Hardwood starting at $3.59 square foot.  The original price has been slashed from $4.19 square foot.  Available in THREE beautiful colors; limited quantities available and special orders do not apply.


25 Days of Haley’s – October 26th 25-50% off All Area Rugs

Sale of the Day for Saturday, October 26th:

Oct 26 - 600Today is the last AREA RUG deal to grab in our 25 Days of Haley’s series!! Receive 25-50% off all AREA RUGS on the showroom floor!! This is how it works:  Look for the clearly marked discount, which will be tagged on the rug—something greater than 25%-off.  If it’s not priced, then the area rug sells for 25% off.  Many rugs to choose from, however, the sale honors IN-stock selections…no special orders–so rugs are on a first-come/ first-serve bases.

A BONUS deal! — THANKS to a facebook friend who ASKED and we are marking down all of our accessories 25%-off!!

Come to the showroom and take advantage of these exclusive offers!  Besides, you don’t have to worry…the college football games on so you won’t miss any game day action!!Furniture600

25 Days of Haley’s – October 25th $35 Basic Carpet Installation

Sale of the Day for Friday, October 25th:

Oct 25 - 600How much do you think it costs for a basic carpet installation?  Typically this figure is calculated by the square footage of the area being covered.  For ex. typically a basic installation will be a $.40/ sq ft charge.  For a 1000 sq ft home, it would cost a homeowner $400 for installation.

Today’s deal is an exclusive flat rate, no matter the square footage, of $35 for basic installation!!  This offer only applies to new carpet purchases!  Take advantage of this ONE time special! Visit us in the showroom today!

*Limited quantities; sale does not apply to special orders.

25 Days of Haley’s – October 24th $1.25 sqft Carpet Pad & Installation

Sale of the Day for Thursday, October 24th:Oct 24 - 600

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that the total cost of they’re new carpet purchase is more than the “cost per square foot” of the carpet itself.  Potential additional expenses may incur, such as:

  1. Furniture removal/replacement.
  2. Demolition/disposal of old floor covering. Depending on the existing floor covering, this can be an expensive item; also, be sure to include the cost to dispose of the old floor covering.
  3. Sub-floor preparation. Depending on the condition of the sub-floor, it may require additional work.
  4. Product delivery.
  5. Carpet installation. Determine the cost per square foot to install it.
  6. Materials required to complete the installation. Your new carpet may require additional materials to install it properly, like adhesives, moisture barriers, stair-nosing, baseboards, etc.

Our 25 Days of Haley’s sale today includes some of these additional fees at a LOW price of $1.25 per sq ft!  Sale includes: Carpet,  carpet pad installation, old carpet take-up and furniture removal.  Visit us at the showroom so we can help you take advantage of this great deal!!


25 Days of Haley’s – October 23rd $25 Carpet Remnants

Sale of the Day for Wednesday, October 23rd:Oct 23 - 600

With cold weather upon us, have you thought of adding  warmth to your space, but afraid of cost? Consider an inexpensive but effective alternative…. Carpet Remnants!  Great to layer a focal area rug or as added comfort underfoot on hard woods.

$25 Carpet Remnants is our sale for today!  Some of these remnants are as large as 15 x 17 and others smaller….all $25!  Plenty of neutral’s to choose from; all cash and carry!  Supplies are limited.  Hope to see you in the showroom today!CarpetRemnents600

*Offer only applies to IN-stock carpet remnants; no special orders.




25 Days of Haley’s – October 22nd 50% off Granite Cleaner & Sealer

Sale of the Day for Tuesday, October 22nd:Oct 22 - 600

Kitchen counters, stove tops, stainless steal appliances, metal surfaces, stone, etc. inevitably need attention in cleaning and sealing for granite and stone surfaces.

Today’s featured deal is on our recommended granite cleaner and sealer at 50% off retail!

GranQuartz 113M is a professional grade maintenance product that cleans, polishes, and protects all polished stone and metal surfaces!  This THREE-in-ONE product  leaves no grubby build-up; dries beautifully — streak and residue free!  Listen to the results from one satisfied client:

I have 20 years cleaning experience and let me tell you this is BY FAR the best most versatile cleaner EVER!!! Not only does it work miracles on the counter-tops and stainless steel, but it gives a sheen to tile back-splashes, streak-less mirrors, removes soap scum from shower walls, creates beautiful shower glass doors resists hand prints on appliances, does wonders for black appliances, cuts threw grease. A little goes a long way so for the money you get a lot of clean power!” ~Professional Cleaner from norfolk, VA

GranQuartz 314P Premium Impregnator (sealer) is a high performance silicone (alkoxysilane) suitable and recommended for use on all natural stones, interior or exterior, regardless of finish type. This product provides maximum protection from water penetration and water-borne stains. Use in areas that come into frequent contact with water such as showers, all exterior stone work, and flooring that is subjected to heavy routine cleaning.  This product can preserve the authenticity of your stone…will not change it’s color appearance, allows the stone to “Breathe”, UV resistant, no yellowing or discoloring.

These products are available in the showroom in limited quantities.  Special orders do not apply to this sale.  Take advantage of this exclusive one-time offer!


25 Days of Haley’s – October 21st $0.25 SqFt Carpet

Sale of the Day for Monday, October 21st:Oct 21 - 600

Temperatures are dropping, in the Tennessee Valley, fall is in full force!  Warm up any area, reduce energy bills and create a comfortable/ cozy space by utilizing carpet’s natural insulation  features.  Research shows that carpet insulates up to 17 times better than any other flooring.  A wall-to-wall installation will potentially save homeowners utility cost while reducing energy use.

Today’s special is $0.25 SqFt carpet!!  This offer is a IN-stock product displayed on the Carpet Specials Rack on the flooring-side of the showroom.  Limited colors and installation is available!  This deal will not be offered again in our 25 Days of Haley’s event so take advantage of this exclusive offer today!

*Limited quantities available; offer does not apply to special orders.

25 Days of Haley’s – October 19th 25-50% off Lamps & Accessories

 Sale of the Day for Saturday, October 19th:Oct 19 -600

Complete your look with our new accessory pieces!  Choose from the latest trends to timeless classics; we have a variety of just about everything you need to give your home that finishing touch! Our lamps, accessories and Auburn & Alabama prints are 25-50% off, today only, in the showroom!

Find the piece(s) that will complete and complement your decorating style.  Here’s a taste of what you’ll see on the showroom floor:

































* Sale applies to In store merchandize; no special orders