25 Days of Haley’s – October 18th Backsplash Tile

 Sale of the Day for Friday, October 18th:                                                                 Oct 18 - 600

If your looking for flooring that’s exciting and exclusive, beautiful and individual, easy to maintain and clean then natural stone is a natural flooring choice for your needs!

Our featured sale for October 18th is Tumbled Stone starting at $3.59 sq foot!

Tumbled delivers a smooth or slightly pitted surface, and broken, rounded edges and corners.  Here’s what’s on sale in the showroom!


Noce 3×6 Tumbled Stone.  Accent and decorative pieces are available, such as, Glass and Chair/Pencil Rail accessories.



Ivory 3×6 Tumbled



Dark Noce 4×4 Tumbled




Ivory/ light 4×4 Tumbled Stone.  Accent and decorative pieces are available, such as, Pencil Rail shown here.

*Sale applies to In-stock stone; no special orders.

25 Days of Haley’s – October 17th $25 Carpet Remnants

 Sale of the Day for Thursday, October 17th:Oct 17 - 600

Back again…$25 Carpet Remnants, on SALE, today in the show room!! Multiple varieties and sizes are included in this group…some as large as 15 x 10!!! Cover an entire room with these pieces and for $25!!  Come into the showroom and take advantage of this incredible deal; sale only applies for today, October 17th!

Take a look at the IN stock selections!  HINT:  Berber Carpet is among the group!








*Limited quantities; sale does not apply to special orders.

25 Days of Haley’s – October 16th 25% Off ALL Florals

 Sale of the Day for Wednesday, October 16th:Oct 16 - 600

Setting the decorating tone with timeless, nature inspired personalized arrangements is our focus in today’s 25 Days of Haleys sale!

All of our in-house Florals and Greenery are 25% off in the showroom!

Created by our floral designer, these flower arrangements are beautifully displayed throughout the showroom.  Choose an arrangement which complements your decor style and brings that special touch to your space!  Floral1-600


























25 Days of Haley’s – October 15th FREE PAD w/ New Carpet or Area Rug

 Sale of the Day for Tuesday, October 15th:Oct 15 -600

When buying new carpet or an area rug, Carpet Padding is an essential component to the purchase. Additional cost is taken in consideration when budgeting for this home investment.

Today it’s FREE with the purchase of new Carpet or an Area Rug!

Why buy carpet padding?  Here are the top SIX benefits for having a carpet pad:   1. Extend the life of your carpet.  In most cases, carpet padding acts as a warranty upgrade, 2. Create a more quiet and energy efficient room, 3.  Additional protection from spills,  4.  Enhances the feel,  performance and wear of your carpet, 5.  Provides a non-slip benefit under area rugs onto hardwood flooring, 6.  Prevent scratching of hardwoods due the under binding on area rugs.March Floorscapes Post 9


This area rug was purchased during our #25DaysofHaleys $25 Area Rug sale! It’s 100% wool from a quality brand called Nourison; typically retails in the $400’s….$25 with the sale!

Our 25 Days of Haley’s sales will continue for the whole month of October!  Follow our FB page so you don’t miss another steal like this one!

25 Days of Haley’s – October 14th Ceramic Tile

 Sale of the Day for Monday, October 14th:                           Oct 14 - 600

Ready for a cool, crisp, durable floor?  Ceramic Tile is unique in color, texture, environmentally responsible and on SALE in the showroom today!

Many families with small children have chosen this flooring type due to it’s practical properties.  It’s ease in cleaning and maintenance are among the most popular practical features.

Selected tile starts at $0.59 sq foot in honor of our 25 Days of Haley’s celebration!  Here’s a glimpse of the selection….CeremicTile-600




Installation is available.   There’s limited IN-stock quantities; this sale does not apply to special orders.

Stop by and talk to one of our sales representatives.  Let us help you decide if Ceramic Tile is the right choice for your living style!

25 Days of Haley’s – October 12th BONA Mop Kits

 Sale of the Day for Saturday, October 12th:Oct 12 - 600

Ready to take your hardwood floor cleaning to the next level?  The BONA Pro series, hardwood floor mop addition, helps bring ease to your mopping and cleaning efforts.  Today’s SALE is on the BONA mop kits in honor of our 25 Days of Haley’s celebration!

Experience the non-toxic, no dulling residue, quick dry benefits of BONA pro while utilizing a tool that’s durable and brings ease to cleaning.  Take advantage of the spray mop (with washable microfiber pad) and ergonomic design which simplifies hardwood floor mopping.BonaMop1-600

Have you ever used the BONA Pro product?  Read about one homeowner’s frustrating cleaning routine and how BONA Pro, not only transformed the overall look of her floors, but also decreased cleaning time significantly >> “I love BONA Pro!!”, says TEakes. ~ Customer Testimonial

*Limited Quantities; No special orders apply

25 Days of Haley’s – October 11th 25-50% Off ALL Furniture

 Sale of the Day for Friday, October 11th:Oct 11 -600

Has your furniture seen better days?  Perhaps your design style has transitioned out of your current look?

Today’s 25 Days of Haleys sale applies to ALL of our In-stock furniture…up to 50% off!!  Choose from the latest trends to timeless classics.  We have a wide variety suited to give your home that finishing touch.  We’d love to help with your  living space enhancements!

Some of our most recent looks are below:

















































*This offer applies to IN-stock furniture; no special orders.  Limited quantities available.

25 Days of Haley’s – October 10th $0.25 SqFt

 Sale of the Day for Thursday, October 10th:Oct 10 - 600

Warm up any space  and potentially reduce energy bills utilizing carpet’s natural insulation  and comfort.  Research shows that carpet insulates up to 17 times better than any other flooring.  A wall-to-wall installation will potentially save homeowners utility cost while reducing energy use.

Today’s special is $0.25 SqFt carpet!!  This offer is a IN-stock product displayed on the Carpet Specials Rack in the showroom.  Limited colors and installation is available!  Take advantage of today’s exclusive deal!

*Limited quantities available; offer does not apply to special orders.

25 Days of Haley’s – October 9th Engineered Hardwood

 Sale of the Day for Wednesday, October 9th:

Oct 9 - 25 Days of Haleys -600Wood floors are a classic addition to any home adding value, warmth, comfort and visual appeal.  An engineered wood floor can be difficult to distinguish from a solid plank floor.  Man-made hardwood tends to be easier to install and less expensive than transitional solid planks.

Today’s sale is a great deal on Engineered Hardwood starting at $3.59 square foot.  The original price has been slashed from $4.19 square foot.  Available in THREE beautiful colors; limited qualities on IN-stock products…sale does not apply to special orders.  Come see our selections below!EngHardWood600

25 Days of Haley’s – October 8th $25 Carpet Remnants

 Sale of the Day for Tuesday, October 8th:Oct 8 - 600CarpetRemnants-600 CarpetRemnants2-600

Looking to add warmth to your space? Consider an inexpensive but effective alternative…. Carpet Remnants!  Great to layer with a focal area rug or as added comfort underfoot on hard woods.

$25 Carpet Remnants is our sale for today!  Some of these remnants are as large as 15 x 17 and others smaller….all $25!  Plenty of neutral’s to choose from; all cash and carry!

*Offer only applies to IN-stock carpet remnants; no special orders.