Pallet-to-Purpose Nursery Accent Wall – a DIY Feature

When expectant couples plan to have a baby, one of the most exciting parts of the process is decorating the nursery.   Decisions of picking out furniture, bedding, paint colors, clothes, etc. is fun and enjoyable.  When challenges arise and the pressure is ON to be done before the baby comes, a new found determination often comes to get the project done.  This is exactly what happened in the Leininger’s story.

Inspired by Just a Girl, the Leininger’s had a drive and passion to see this project through.  Daddy deployed at the beginning of the pregnancy and back before the baby’s due date; the Leiningers were challenged with 1 week to see this project through.  Project starts and mom goes into labor mid-project!  Nothing stopped this determined couple from accomplishing their goal, needless to say, the wall went up!

The homeowner is allowing us to share the process; a scope of how this accent wall vision became a reality.


These Pallets were found at home decorating stores, other businesses and on the side of the road.

TIP: Look for pallets which have been ‘Heat treated’ to avoid pesticides; a HT will be located on the pallet’s side.

Removing Boards

The pallets were broken apart to form individual boards using a Reciprocating Saw to cut through nails.

 Organizing Boards

The boards were organized according to size then sanded to remove the dirt and rough edges.


The accent wall was painted a dark color to hide gaps in the adjacent boards placed on the wall.

In an effort  to preserve the value of their home, 2 x 4’s were nailed to the wall studs; protecting it’s integrity.

nails used

A Brad nail-er was used, with a compressor, to mount the boards.

Pallets going up

To receive the ‘rich wood tone’ , a Polyurethane stain blend was used; 1 quart for a 10 x 12 wall.

Tip:  Stain boards outside and let them sit for a few days to avoid strong fumes in the house.

Installing Pallets

Outlet Extenders were added due to the additional space created by the 2 x 4 protective layer on the wall.

Pallet Wall Completed

The finished room…gorgeous!

As baby David grows up, we could only expect him to cherish this room – holding a very special place in his  heart.  We too love this nursery; the homeowners did a wonderful job!

It took the Leininger’s 1 day to take apart the pallets, 1 day to organize and 1 day to stain.  One regret from this couple is that they did not allow the boards to air for several days, therefore, the strong fumes was a result.   Letters were found at hobby lobby and spray painted white.  The total cost of this project — $80

Another option for the wood wall is to use left-over wood from your floors, barn wood, raw pallets or even brick.

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Hope these inspirations spark a creative reclaimed project near you!

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