DIY: Tile Coasters

We love the art of re-purpose around the showroom; waste made to use with a new functional purpose.  Here’s a couple of DIY ideas using left-over tiles from a customer project.  Perfect for a unique gift idea for that special someone.

Photo Coasters


Painted Coasters


Directions for the Picture Coaster Tiles:

1.  Clean off tiles with a damp towel

2.  While drying, cut images to fit tiles. (NOTE: For best results, use a paper cutter and make your image slightly smaller than the tile)

3.  When tiles are dry, cover tiles with Modge Podge and place images onto tile. Wait a few minutes, cover tile and image with Modge Podge. NOTE: (Use a sponge brush to make the tile smooth and a bristled brush if you want texture.)

Modge Podge Tile

4.  Once completely dry, paint 2-3 coats of a natural stone sealer and finisher over the top and sides of the tile. Make sure to let each coat dry 30-45 mins before adding another coat.

Modge Podge Image

5.  Put small felt pads on the bottom of the coasters to protect furniture and your project is done!

Felt Pads

Directions for the Painted Coaster Tiles:

1.  Clean of tiles with a damp towel.

2.  Paint tile using Acrylic Paint and a stencil. For a low cost option, print off the image, expose the image with an exact knife…which is what you see below.


3.  Let paint dry for at least 30 mins before brushing on the sealer and finisher. This will prevent smearing when the sealer is put on. Apply 2-3 coats of sealer waiting 30-45 minutes between coats.


4.  Once completely dry add felt pads to the bottom of coasters and your project is done!

Felt Pads

Create a memorable Father’s or Mother’s Day, Grandparents, Teacher’s or Staff gift at a low cost.  TilesFB

Ask one of our flooring representatives for the availability of natural stone tiles in our showroom. Tiles can be purchased at a low cost and in small quantities.TilePics3-550

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