Pantry Designs

The Pantry adds much needed storage and function to today’s kitchen.  Buying in bulk has breathed new life into the pantry, as well as, housing food staples and on-the-go snack solutions.  Thankfully, a pantry can be designed and placed in most kitchens, whether as a 3-in shelf between studs or as a walk-in version.

Your dream kitchen will take some planning to meet the current needs of your household.  The Pantry is a big part of that overall plan.  Examine your current pantry…What are the strong points? What would you like to change? Is it too small?  Does it lack storage?

Listed below are a few Pantry options to help you along the way.

BackDoorPantry_600Back Door Drop-off

This pantry is strategically positioned at the back door of the home.  This works will as a drop-off spot for groceries, and lightens the load, for putting away dry goods & such.  Shallow adjustable wire shelves, are practical for quick & easy referencing; while wide & deep nooks, handle dishes and larger bulk objects.SSS_TMF_WHT FOOD PTRY-600

Storage for Cooking & Baking Essentials

This pantry is configured and spaced for a wide range of cookware, baking tools and a choice of bulk items. A focal-point from kitchen to dinning room; the sheer panel doors softens this unexpected storage space.


A Show of Collection

Why hide the dishes when you can show them off?  This eclectic collection is a centerpiece, at a major intersection, between kitchen & living room.  The light sheer panels allow a complementary, hue of color, to peek through; adding beauty and interest to this space.


A Butler’s Station

The Butler’s Pantry is a traditional concept that has seen a rebirth, even though butlers are largely extinct.  Formally, these pantries act as a transition between the formal area and the home’s working space.  In today’s context, they offer the same transition, as well as, space for storing dishware, prep, beverage refills, and space for additional cooking and/or baking.

WalkINPantry_600The Walk-IN Pantry

The functional Walk-In Pantry is designed with fixed & adjustable shelving, wire baskets for cooking essentials, and planned storage for wine.  Shelving support systems are configured, and spaced differently, for a vast variety of storing needs.  Whether housing cookware, dishes, can goods, baskets, etc. the Walk-In pantry is among the most versatile of pantry design types.