Something Old, Something New

Restoring a piece of history is nothing new for our long time friend Karen Tillery, but her latest log cabin restoration got the attention of Mark Bowe, host of DIY’S popular show Barnwood Builders. Upon purchasing this property in Langston, AL, Karen began her quest to renovate and restore this neglected home. The home was originally built around a log cabin that came from Chatsworth, GA. Rumor has it that the cabin was actually located on a battlefield from the 1800’s. Since the home was not large enough, Karen planned to add an addition to the back of the house and used the logs from an old go-trot cabin she had purchased, torn down, and stored six years prior. After discovering that the logs had been stored improperly and had now compacted, she contacted Mark to see if he had a log cabin that might work for the plans she had already drafted. He was so intrigued by Karen’s story that he thought it would make for a great episode on the show. On may 29, 2016, their episode aired on DIY’s Barnwood Builders and you can find it on Season 3, Episode 7.

As part of the restoration, a kitchen renovation was in order and Karen began designing a modern kitchen with a rustic flare. For most of us, finding the right mix of styles can be a challenge, but for Karen, it comes easy. She uses these elements with a design and purpose in mind.

“For me, in decorating 1800’s log cabins I strive for anything but the expected. I mix contemporary pieces with antiques and classic pieces with rustic pieces. I use natural finishes and elements and combine them with handcrafted up-cycled furniture and accents. When looked at separately, these things seem totally unrelated. When combined together  they give an eclectic, time worn look, with a warm and inviting atmosphere that screams “home”. Because the log cabin itself is such an incredible structure, a work of art, my approach to decorating is to compliment these beauties.”

And that’s just what Karen did when designing this kitchen. She completely gutted what was an old, 70’s style kitchen and turned it into something just short of a piece of artwork, blending contemporary shaker style cabinets and quartz countertops with antique and rustic elements… one of which is the original brick floor that became the color palette for her masterpiece. “My starting point for the design was the mortar in the brick floor. It’s grey hues became the inspiration for the cabinets and the countertops giving light and balance to the dark space.”

Karen’s designs are always unique and definitely one of a kind. Designing the kitchen island around an old pie safe and incorporating some of the original cabinets into the new design, she was able to create both functional and focal pieces for the room. She lets nothing go to waste and brings old pieces to life again while embellishing the charm and character of the original cabin. Her projects, while sometimes challenging, always expand our strengths and exceed our expectations as a company. For over twelve years, we’ve worked with Karen designing and creating a “new” piece of history and every project is an opportunity to think outside the box, or in her case, “outside the cabin pen”.

While filming final parts of the episode, Mark Bowe jokingly made the comment that they should continue working together and Karen’s last comment was, “Of course, but you get to be the boss on the outside and I get to be the boss on the inside.” Little did she know then , that less than one year later, she would be working along side Mark and the Barnwood Builders. Karen is now the Conceptual Designer for Barnwood Living. What began as a passion for pieces of history, has now become her new-found career. With a degree in graphic design and fine arts, Karen now has the opportunity to help clients conceptualize and visualize their dream by hand-sketching floor plans and design ideas on paper. Through water colors and ink pens, she brings every design to life.

If you would like more information about Barnwood Living, you can visit their new website and showroom at If you’re interested in renting any of Karen’s beautiful log cabins, visit

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Kitchen Makeovers with Style!

Is a kitchen makeover in your future? If so, then we’ve got some great options and trends that will help you narrow down the choices whether you’re making just a few changes or remodeling your entire space. The best thing about making over your kitchen is that you can do a lot to just a little and it can transform the whole look of your kitchen. Since the kitchen is the heart of your home, it should reflect you and your family’s personal taste and lifestyle.



From door styles and functionality to colors and designs, trending patterns in cabinetry are taking on a straight lined and simple look. Soft grays and clean whites are gracing the doors, floors and walls. Since trending designs are always changing, it’s important to know your style and remember that a kitchen makeover is something you’ll live with for many years.

What’s your style?

  • Transitional – Where contemporary mixes with traditional, you’ll find the perfect blend of style for your kitchen. Shaker doors in stains or painted colors with or without glazes are popular transitional styles. Hardware designs incorporate simple straight lines and curves with brushed nickel and pewter finishes.
  • Contemporary – If you’re looking for straight lines, less molding and glossier finishes, contemporary is your style. Polished doors in stains or painted colors with or without glazes are popular transitional finishes.
  • Traditional – As trends shift and change, a traditional style kitchen will always be a classic. There are so many options today to choose from – colors, designs, moldings and inlays… not to mention all of the options with hardware. Antique bronze, brushed nickel or pewter finishes go great with just about any traditional door style.

Functionality meets design.

  • In today’s kitchen, there is no compromising design or function. No matter what your style, there are a wide variety of space saving options – pull outs, cutlery trays, dividers, and trash pull outs.


When choosing a countertop, consider style, durability and price. While quartz has grown in popularity, granite still remains a top contender. There are advantages and disadvantages of both so it’s best to weigh your options.

Quartz has a cleaner and more simplified look. It is non-porous, heat resistant and does not need to be sealed, meaning less maintenance. However, quartz is typically more expensive than granite.

Granite, being natural stone, can add warmth and dimension to your kitchen. It is also heat resistant, but recommended to be resealed once a year. When searching for the granite of your choice, be sure to look at the entire slab because the colors can often vary from the sample you’re checking out.

Another great option growing in popularity is butcher block and the fashionable place to use it is on your kitchen island. Mixing different elements of countertop materials combines the warmth of wood with the cool surfaces of stone for the best of both worlds.


Just like cabinet designs, there are many trending patterns to choose from so knowing your style will make your decision a whole lot simpler. If you’re considering the softer grays, then a clean white subway tile is always a good compliment. If you want to spice it up a bit, change it up by adding a patterned tile accent area or using a contrasting grout color.

If warmer tones and natural stones are more your style, then considering a natural stone or complementary tile is your best option.


Flooring trends fall right in line with cabinet trends ushering in the grays and neutrals. While hardwood still seems to be an all-time favorite, we’re seeing more and more ceramic wood-look tile in barn wood and rustic patterns. Mixing rustic designs with modern elements creates a comfortable and more relaxed feeling environment. Tile is also more durable and easy to clean. Another upcoming fashion hitting the floor is Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) giving consumers a durable, low maintenance, water-proof and warmer floor to live on.

With so many options available, you’re bound to find the look you want with the budget you have in mind. Take the time to search the internet for designs and styles that fir your lifestyle and taste. If you’re interested or have any questions about the information in this article, give us a call at 256.536.8086.



Communal Break-Room Makeover

A comfortable employee gathering space is updated!  With new hardwood floors, granite counter-tops, glass back-splash and essential appliances, this space is suited to recharge, refreshed and encourage co-worker collaboration.   According to Dr. Ben Waber, C.E.O. of Sociometric Solutions – a workspace consulting firm, says “In general when we look at what makes people happy and effective at work, it’s being able to spend time with a close group of people.”

We are pleased to provide amenities for an encouraging environment where creativity, collaboration and ease of lunch-time options take place.  We’re thrilled to report that everyone is enjoying the updates to this dedicated space…mission accomplished!

Pic6New range and microwave before the backspace installation.

Pic1Counter tops, appliances, and cabinets before the backspace installation.

Pic5New hard-wood floors throughout the break room.


The enhanced employee coffee bar!

Pic7Ease of lunch-time options for those IN-house lunch days.


A cozy collaborative space for everyone to enjoy!

Potter Open House

Real-time snap shots of the Potter’s open house on Sunday, June 2nd; such a great turn-out!!  From 2-4pm family, friends & eager advocates, from the community, was able to view the details of the dream makeover.  It was a delightful event!  Thanks to everyone who made this dream a reality!!


OpenHouse7-600OpenHouse6-600 friend600friend2-600Men2-600HaleysTeam-600

Color Palette for the Potter Make-over

Color choice is an important factor to the overall look & feel of any room.  Warm, cool, elegant, fun, and romantic spaces begin with strategic color hues.  Do you prefer traditional, modern, formal or trendy?  Knowing your design style is also an important ingredient to choosing color.  Try our Design Style Utility to discover your style preference.

A Tradition color palette blanket’s the Potter’s Dream Kitchen Makeover with dark cabinetry, wood floors, medium-toned beige walls, followed by, a bright ceiling and trim. Visit our friends at  Huntsville Decorating Center if you’d like to incorporate these colors in your spaces!Kitchen2-600

 Walls: Bennington Gray (HC-82)


Ceiling: Light custom shade of Bennington Gray (HC-82)


Wall Trim:  Linen White


An Invitation to the Potter’s Open House!

OPEN HOUSE INVITESWant to REALLY experience the Potter’s make-over?  Meet the professionals responsible for the transformation?

Your cordially invited to the Potter’s Open House!  See the details, up close, and learn how the designers made it happen!

When:  Sunday, June 2nd!

Time:  2-4pm

Where:  1319 Briar Hollow Trail  Huntsville, AL

Meet Haley’s Flooring and all of their dream make-over sponsors!

We look forward to seeing you!

Choosing Color for the Potter Makeover

The Potter’s makeover will consist of a new kitchen & living room!  The original contest was deemed for a Dream Kitchen Makeover, however, due to the open floor plan we’ve decided to extend the transformation into the living room, as well!

MakeoverCollage600Our team of interior decorators have chosen the color scheme for the walls, trim and ceiling.  Huntsville Decorating Center, one of our local partners, has donated Benjamin Moore paint for the total project!  Paint color(s) are applied; the kitchen and living room look fabulous!

Here’s a sneak peek at the color switches used in the Potter’s makeover.  Keep in mind, only three colors were chosen for the wall, trim and ceiling.

Can you guess the color palette?


Find out, what our designers chose, May 20-24th, at the reveal!!  Airing on WAAY31-TV, 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. show times!

Potter Demolition!

Out with the Old; welcoming the New!!

Demolition is done!  Kitchen & living room, gutted, making way for the new fresh look!

Here’s a glimpse of the process:



Kitchen Makeover Reveal

On today’s featured make-over,  Haley’s helped this homeowner take an ordinary cooking space to an extraordinary congregational place!
Before Kitchen2









Before: This dated kitchen screamed for updating!







After:  All new cabinets, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, unique stone backslash, eye-catching lighting, and the insert of a functional island.  Once, not-so-attractive kitchen, has been transformed into a entertaining & functional classy cooking space.  We loved it so much, it is the feature on our new website HaleysFlooring.

We look forward to serving you and allowing your Dream Kitchen to come true!