What’s Hot in Kitchen Trends?

There’s something about the kitchen that just warms the heart. The smell of fresh baked cookies, warm winter stew simmering on the stove… countless hours of homework being done at the kitchen table and remnants of glue from leftover projects, family meetings and friends that have gathered… oh if the walls could talk.  It’s the heart of the home and that special place where memories are made. So, if you’re thinking of designing a new kitchen or just updating your space, check out these hot trends that will make your “heart” smile!

1. Pops of Color

Everything from pink stoves to blue kitchen islands, we’ll see pops of color mixed throughout the entire kitchen. So, if you’re flavor is still white cabinetry, mix it up a bit with a colorful island, backsplash or accent pieces. You can add a little color without  committing to the entire kitchen and it will give your space an updated look.

2. Flat-Panel Door Styles

Straight lines and simple designs have led the marketplace over the past few years with the ever-so-popular Shaker-style. This year, however, you’ll see even more simplicity with a flat-panel doors. Shaker-style will still remain a favorite, but these new flat-panel doors will offer new sleeker finishes and textures.

3. Geometric Patterned Backsplashes

While subway tiles are not on the back burner yet, geometric shaped tiles are heating up this year. You’ll see these geometric designs not only in the shapes of the tiles but the patterns of the designs as well. Styles like chevron, herringbone, and hexagons add interest and dimension against the straight lines of cabinetry. Subway tiles will be larger and wider this year.

4. Cabinets with Color

Some of the new colors designers are cooking up this year are navy, green, black, and dark charcoal. With jewel tones coming back in the picture, you’ll see these popping up in the kitchen too. Of course, white will still be a popular favorite for now, but you can spice it up with a pop of color just about anywhere.

5. Low-maintenance Spaces

From floors to countertops, it’s all about consumer-friendly products that are easy to clean and simple to maintain. Look for LVP, Luxury Vinyl Planks, to continue growing in popularity this year. This type of flooring it easy to clean, is extremely durable, and looks and feels a lot like actual wood or tile. You’ll also see larger tiles on the floors and walls with minimal grout lines, making it easier to keep clean. Speaking of easy to clean, the low maintenance of quartz countertops will dominate this year and not just on the countertops, but cascading down the sides as well.

6. Mixed-up Finishes

Design trends for this year are really mixing things up. Instead of clean lines and soft finishes, bold and confident colors are dishing out. When they are blended correctly, mixing different metal finishes like drawer pulls, faucets and pendant lights can give your space personality and pizazz.

While these are just some of the trends, these happen to be a few of our favorites. Design trends are constantly changing… out with the old and in with the new. The past few years have been all about soft, clean lines and simple designs. This year, it’s a beautiful mix of soft and bold!

Top Design Trends for 2018

Keeping up with the latest trends and fashions can be a real challenge, so here’s a glimpse into what design experts are predicting.

In 2016, soft whites and crisp neutrals were setting the stage. Bolder and brighter designs made a grand entrance in 2017. This year, you will see a combination of warm earthy tones, natural greens… and yes, even the deep jewel tones that we thought were a thing of the past. Everything from walls, fabrics and furniture to cabinets, tiles and floors, color is making its way to center stage this year. Not to worry if bright and bold are not your thing, there are lots of other trends to choose from as well.


Eco-friendly, “go-green” products are the inspiration behind many of the designs and color palettes you’ll see this year. In fact, Pantene’s color, Greenery, is still turning heads and getting the attention of many designers. You’ll find pops of it showing up on walls, floors and accessories just to name a few. Its vivd hue works well with warm wood tones and helps to bring the outdoors in giving life to any space. If you loved the jewel tones of the 90’s, you’re sure to love this year’s designs…mixing past and present with brighter and richer versions of the original palettes. Warm interior colors, eco-inspired accents and cozy room fashions are sure to make an impact this year.


If you’re looking to make a statement on your walls and floors, go bold with glass tiles that are sure to be a showstopper! Bright reds, earthy browns, and nature inspired designs bring color and nature together in a cohesive fashion.

Vintage Retro is sharing the stage this year with the current classic vintage designs bringing personality and creative patterns into your kitchen, bath or any unique space. Of course continuing to trend and making and even bigger impact this year, is the warm rich hues of the wood-look tiles and planks… sometimes even replacing the currently popular subway tiles. Cork, not only on floors, and terra-cotta tiles are also making a big comeback as well.

Look for these nature inspired colors, harmonious textures and eco-friendly designs not only in hard surfaces, but also in luxurious carpets and area rugs this year.


This year, you can expect to see color making its way into your kitchen and bath. Whether your style is sleek and contemporary, or shaker and transitional, colorful painted finishes like navy and green are a sure way to add some spice to your kitchen design. They also pair well with the natural elements of stone and wood making for an inviting place to gather.

Not only is color making a comeback from the 90’s, but so are the gold fixtures and finishes that once adorned our homes. However, instead of the outdated shiny brass finishes that came from that era, these new accents are updated and modern offering a new sophisticated brushed look.

Another metal forging its way into our spaces is the timeless look of copper. Everything from copper pots and pans to copper accents, they’ll bring warmth and bling back to the kitchen. When displayed against a neutral background, they can really shine.

With so many ideas and designs this year, you can decorate with confidence knowing that you’ve created a beautifully lush color palette that incorporates the elements of nature and timeless classics of the past.

Simple Changes — Big Impact

Easy updates to this Transitional space bring an impressive impact to the over all look! A blend of traditional and contemporary with clean lines that’s less ornate than traditional designs, but not as severely basic as contemporary.  Here these changes preserve it’s Transitional characteristics of classic, timeless, and clean.


Neutral is the color theme of this space with it’s trendy chevron off-white and grey area rug anchoring the neutral colors through out the room.






Rich brown, grey  and yellow are now the dominant  colors in this focal area rug.  Replacing formally patterned chairs to solid/neutral, adding non-conflicting throw pillows + one dominant brown pillow pulls the space together!  Little changes bring an impressive impact!

Turn-on Ingenuity with these Trends in Lighting

Bright ideas in lighting!  From switches to skylights, there’s new innovation which creatively illuminates spaces in a stylish, functional and convenient way.

Wall Socets600Fashionable wall plates decorated in 32 dazzling ways to express you!  Adorne’s collection includes cast metals, woods, leather, and vibrant colors.  Extraordinary switches, dimmers, and solutions which brings inspiration to any space.


How would you like to light your room?  Choose to switch, tap, touch or wave.  Here is an example of the Pop-Out Outlet.  A great solution for a child’s bed room, as a nightlight, or an emergency flash light option.


Control central which functions without any presence of outlets on the back splash.  Increase efficiency with swappable outlets, lighting options, USB ports, music and flexibility!  Maximize counter space with easily mountable options for electronics.


Bring natural light in and save on your energy bill with Solatube’s skylight for residential and commercial construction.

Find these lighting trends at Inline Lighting, show room off of Bob Wallace, a dealer of Adorne and Solatube

Stainless Steel Cleaning – Using House-hold Staples


Ordinary house-hold staples, serve as, extraordinary cleaning options for Stainless Steel kitchen attractions.  Instantly refresh your cooking space, evoking a feeling of bright brilliance; adding light & reflection to your area.  Save money, and time, by exploring the multiple uses of these house-hold staples:



Baking Soda:

Shine-up, the inside, of your stainless steel or aluminum sink.  Rub a liberal amount of baking soda, in a circular motion, in the inside surface with a damp sponge.  Wipe sink, additionally, with a water sponge to remove excess baking soda.

Club Soda:

A terrific way to clean stainless steel sinks, dishwashers, ranges, and other kitchen appliances is using Club Soda.  For just under $2.00 it’s a cost effective, and easy solution, to shine-up the steel.  NOTE:  Add a little flour for stubborn stains; open, Club Soda container slowly, to avoid spills.

70% Rubbing Alcohol:

In a circular motion, squeeze an ample amount of alcohol on a sponge, or paper towel, and wipe.  Your faucet, sink and other stainless steel will soon be sparkling again.  NOTE:  We recommend using 70% rubbing alcohol, or higher, for better results.

White Vinegar:

Use a small amount of white vinegar to rub water spots out of your sink.  It can also be used, as a general stainless steel cleaner; just add water to vinegar for an optional cleaning solution.

The tips, in this post, are purely our view point and there is no guarantee on your returns. Hence all the visitors are requested to apply their prudence and conduct a sample test before acting on any of the recommendations by this blog or any of its mode. Neither Haley’s Flooring nor any of its partners, members, or employees hold any responsibility of any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the recommendations.

Tulips – Adding Color

Did you know some people have used the bulb of a Tulip to substitute onion when cooking?

Tulip bulbs are edible but be careful, they could have a deadly fungus which grows on the decaying bulbs, and or a special chemical which commercial growers use to prevent them from decaying.  Tulips are in the lily family and most plants in that family are edible, people do use them as an onion substitute but they’re not as tasty.

This popular-spring flowering bulb inspires the decorating senses, with it’s, richness in color, texture, shape, and unique form of bulb; bringing a since of elegance to a space.

This well-lite kitchen displays elements of greenery, white color palette, featured cabinet and ceiling lighting which adds a unique elegant charm to this cooking space.  The Tulips simply contribute to the delectable charm.

tulipinKitchen600Here’s some tips about Tulips>> Growing Tulip:  Plant 5-8 inches deep & 4-6 inches apart in a sunny location.  Tulips need, a period of, cool weather to bloom.

Tulip Varies:  early, mid & late bloom times

The variety of Flowering seasons of Hybrid Tulips:

Common Name

Early Bloom


March & early April

Red Emperior

March & early April

Apricot Beauty

March & early April

Double Early

March & early April

Greigii Tulips

March & early April


Common Name

Mid Bloom


April & early May

Swan Wings Tulip

April & early May

Darwin Hybrids

April & early May

Parrot Tulips

April & early May


Common Name

Late Bloom

Single Late

Late May

Double Late

Late May

Viridiflora Tulips

Late May


Late May

Fringed Tulips

Late May

Rembrandt Tulips

Late May

Multi-Flowering Tulips

Late May


Excess Magazine Solution

An abundance of magazines can often be a source of irritating clutter in the average home.  Excess magazines are typically offered to friends, moved to bathrooms, used for kids projects or simply thrown away.

Have you ever thought about turning your magazines into furniture?  According to Fresh Home Design and Architecture, an unexpected DIY project has emerged and is grouped with the top 10 most talked about Interior Design Trends for 2013.

DIY is becoming an exciting element of Interior Home Design.  In addition to purchasing a fabulous unique piece, one has the opportunity of  becoming the lead-designer, and creator, of something that has a seal of personal character.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to stack, like-colored, magazines creating additional seating while complementing your decor?


Inspiration for the excess; a new DIY trend for 2013.  Hope you will add this one to your nest of fabulous & functional ideas!