Countertops – Waterfall

A waterfall counter-top is a design inspiration by a contemporary style, also called risers. The look is a fresh, simple and a straight-lined addition to any kitchen (or bathroom) breaking away from the expected horizontal design flow. Instead of the typical configuration; generally ending at the edge of cabinetry, the waterfall seamlessly falls over the side of the cabinet to the floor.

Many different materials can be used to create this look, such as Corian, engineered stones, natural stones and even laminate for a more affordable option.  The stone continues vertically down the sides of an island or counter-top, creating a waterfall effect. It beautifully ties the counter-tops or island to the floor, giving the whole space a unified, connected feeling.  Below are a few inspirations we enjoy and hope you will as well!


HanStone Quartz Counter-top featured in our Urban Loft Renewal booth in the 2014 Building Home & Remodeling Home Show. The color feature is called Blanco Canvas by HanStone.
WaterfallCountersEx5A connect contemporary Urban space with Waterfall counter-tops and island flowing to a concrete floor from Solo Thais
Marble Waterfall Island by Desire to Decorate
Concrete Waterfall counter-top by Elle Decor
WaterfallCountersEx4Love the contrast with the wood floors from Solo Thais

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