How To: Step-by-Step Designer Christmas Tree Decorating

Every year our talented team of decorators usher the Christmas spirit into the showroom with beautifully decorated trees.  Many of you have been in and raved about our Christmas trees.  So we’ve created a step-by-step guide to allow you to create your very own designer tree for the holiday season.

These NINE steps will walk you through the process of decorating your tree.  We show the layering process that can be used with any tree application and decor… let’s get started!

LiteTreeBranded280L-sStep # 1:  Fluff your tree and check the lights.  NOTE:  Make sure you leave them on while decorating.

FabricStripsBranded280LStep # 2:  In this application, we used strips of fabric to weave in and out of the tree.

Layer1Branded280LStep # 3:  Secure strips by wrapping periodically with branches.

Layer11Branded280L-sStep 4:  Add more garland and secure with branches.

Layer13Branded280L-sStep 5:  Add more garland and secure with branches.

Layer2BrandedLStep 6:  Add over-sized ornaments near the back for dimension.

Layer31Branded280LStep 7:  Arrange tree inserts.

Layer51Branded280L-sStep 8:  Create the topper.

FinalTree600BrandedStep 9: Add desired tree skirt and your done!  We chose to re-purpose decorator fabric to create a simple but elegant tree skirt!

DSCF3302-600BrandedWishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas from Haley’s Flooring & Interiors!

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