Excess Magazine Solution

An abundance of magazines can often be a source of irritating clutter in the average home.  Excess magazines are typically offered to friends, moved to bathrooms, used for kids projects or simply thrown away.

Have you ever thought about turning your magazines into furniture?  According to Fresh Home Design and Architecture, an unexpected DIY project has emerged and is grouped with the top 10 most talked about Interior Design Trends for 2013.

DIY is becoming an exciting element of Interior Home Design.  In addition to purchasing a fabulous unique piece, one has the opportunity of  becoming the lead-designer, and creator, of something that has a seal of personal character.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to stack, like-colored, magazines creating additional seating while complementing your decor?


Inspiration for the excess; a new DIY trend for 2013.  Hope you will add this one to your nest of fabulous & functional ideas!

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