Islands Defined: Multifunctional Service with a Purpose

The kitchen island is a relative of the big farm worktable.  Today’s island is often more than a table: it’s a mini-kitchen with cabinets below, a pot rack above, seating area and an embedded cook-top, or sink, for prep efficiency.  Such designs, make for a delightful conversational experience, for both the cook, and their guests.

Defining Space

This island has a dual purpose: it defines space, separating the kitchen from the adjoining area and provides an adequate serving & storage solution to accommodate daily and entertaining demands.


Command Central

Although, this island doesn’t accommodate seating, the rich cabinetry provides storage for cookware & serving pieces.  It also serves as a multifunctional prep solution; ideal for dual cook house-holds.


A Gathering Place

An extra-large island, centered in the middle of the kitchen, provides a wide expanse of serving area and dining space, while also allowing the cook to remain engaged with eager guest.



Butcher block, prep sink, additional storage, and counter space makes this the ultimate multifunctional island.  In the middle of the island, the over-hang maximizes use and minimizes space, by design.  The cook is invited to sit & read a recipe or sip a cup of tea; or an on-looker can enjoy conversation with the cook.


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