Garage Maintanance and Safety

Most families dread facing the garage cleaning day!  This space is one of the most seen, however, one of the most UN-popular areas to clean in the home.  Whether tackled in the winter, spring or fall; no matter when it’s done, it typically is a major task for the average home owner.

Once the family has contributed to the DE-cluttering effort, maintaining order will become the next major focal point.  Below are a few suggested tips to help with the daily maintenance.

garage600Garage cleaning tip:  Overtime maintain a clean looking garage by simply hosing-away accumulated debris, cob webs, dust, etc. with interior wall siding.

Space Saver tips:

  • For bicycles that are not used every day, hang them from the rafters, with large sturdy hooks and tools from the walls.
  • Store bags of cement, fertilizer, soil, and other dry materials in plastic trash cans with lids in order to keep materials dry and contained.
  • Store pots, bricks, flats, etc. neatly on a shelf or outside in a convenient area.
  • Create a garage system by installing shelves and a drawer system.  Purchase garage cabinets; add a door for functionality & attractiveness.
  • Save floor space by storing storm windows or screens overhead in a simple storage rack attached to existing ceiling joists.
  • Maximize space by painting  white lines on the floor to outline parking areas for bicycles, lawn mower, and other large objects.  Everything will be out of the way when the car is parked.

Options to keeping a garage floor clean:

  • If your garage has cement floor, remove stains with full strength laundry bleach.
  • Camouflage garage floor drippings with paint.  Apply a black stripe the width of the space between the car’s tires; the stripe doubles as a parking guide.
  • Clean garage floor with paint thinner.  Apply thinner and cover overnight with cat liter, dry cement, or sand; then sweep.   Repeat if necessary.
  • Try baking soda or cornmeal to lift automotive oil spots for a non-toxic solution.  Sprinkle on and sweep off.  Repeat if necessary.
  • Catch oil before it hits the floor with a drip pan under the car.  Use cookie sheet filled with cat litter; replace when litter is saturated.  Or cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to fit the cookie sheet and change it as necessary.  NOTE:  Turpentine, paint thinner, gasoline and kerosene all dissolve asphalt and cause it to deteriorate, therefore, the use a non-chemical solution for asphalt.

Garage Safety:

  • Soften the blow of accidental rear wall collisions by cushioning the wall with an old tire hung at bumper height.
  • Luminous stripes, painted on the rear garage wall, can help when attempting to center the car when parking.
  • Dispose of combustibles such as newspapers, magazines, boxes and old furniture.
  • Install extra lighting in work areas, especially where power tools are used.
  • Insure electrical fuses are the proper size.
  • Keep flammable and volatile liquids in tightly capped safety cans, far from any heat source.
  • Double insulate and/or ground plugs for power tools.

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  1. Keeping your garage clean, safe and functional is an ongoing part of garage maintenance. We need to learn how to remove dirt and stains from garage floors. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Consider consulting our flooring experts, at the showroom, for stain & dirt removal solutions. Thank you for stopping by our blog spot!

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