Gifting Fresh Basil

Are you looking for a special gift for a friend, teacher, co-worker, or perhaps a neighbor?  Consider fresh Basil.  It’s minimal, in price, and  get’s everyone in the mood for spring!

Basil is a tasty herb that’s found in most kitchens.  The culinary benefits places Basil as one of the most favorable of the herb family.  Jazz-up an ordinary salad, bring life to an Italian dish, or create a Basil Pesto for fish and poultry; the depth of flavor and richness makes this herb a ‘go to’ in today’s kitchens. Some, have found, Basil to be an alternate solution for wellness.  Whatever the case, Basil is a great gift option to consider!

Instructions for gifting Fresh Basil:

We used 12″ burlap ribbon.

photo1Wrap the Basil container with the burlap.

photo1-5Secure with hot glue.


Fold one edge to make a neat seam.BasilGiftFinalSecure fridge, of your choice, around the top edge of the container.  Create a fun tag; secure with burlap string and your done!

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