Kitchen Efficiency – Work Triangle

Efficiency is a must in our fast pace, multifaceted culture.  Many families live on-the-go life’s; home time is often a rare & cherished commodity when available.  When examining family time management, often these questions are considered:  How can we be more efficient & productive with our time?  How can we consolidate & cut steps to maximize the  precious time we have? Examining, kitchen work flow efficiency, is no different.

A simple & valuable method to determine the efficiency, of your kitchen space, is with the work triangle.  This design measuring standard has been introduced by kitchen layout studies since the 1950’s.  An efficient work triangle greatly reduces the steps a cook must take during meal preparation and should not interrupt traffic flow.

There are several challenges to the working triangle, such as, elaborate island work centers, two-cook layouts and specialized appliances.  However, these challenges can be overcome with a well-planned design; such as, strategically placing the island within the work triangle.

Working Triangle test:

The three legs of the triangle connect the refrigerator, sink, and range.  The ideal sum of the three legs is between 12 & 23 feet.  Measure your space and determine if it meets the 12-23ft spacing challenge.work_triangle2

How these Kitchens measured up to the Work Triangle challenge:




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