Makeover Planning – Keeping the Budget under Control

Kitchen Makeover anyone?  The first question, that comes to mind is, how much?  According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the average estimated figure is over $17,000.  Since money matters are on the minds, of most consumers, the ability to estimate the ‘cost’ is a crucial part of the planning process.

Since an upgraded kitchen is your destination, first consider defining your Budget; which acts as a compasscompass to direct our  remodel.  This logical starting point brings comfort in knowing the direction in one’s overall design.

To adequately define your make-over starting point, you must determine the level of ‘new look’ your going for.  In doing this, it will keep the budget under control.  Ask yourself these simple questions to begin the mapping process of your makeover:

  1. What’s your main reason for changing your kitchen?
  2. Will this be a two-cook kitchen or one-cook?
  3. Do you want a Simple face-lift, Extensive replacement, or Major structural remodel?
  4. Do you simply need to replace counter tops, add recessed down lights, reface cabinets, etc. to achieve your over-all look?
  5. In general, what can you afford to spend now; what are you willing to spend later?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to a kitchen makeover.  Cabinets and appliances vary in cost drastically, depending on the type of makeover: low, middle, high, or ultra high.  Below are estimated percentages, which factor-into the new kitchen remodel puzzle:

Cabinets 37%

Labor 20%

Appliances 19%

Flooring 6%

Windows 4%

Fixtures 4%

Fittings 3%

Misc. products/ services 7%

As shown above, kitchen cabinets typically eat up 37% of the makeover pie; labor comes in second; and on average appliances add another 19%.   Structural, plumbing, and electrical changes all affect the bottom line significantly.

If your dreaming of a remodel, consider these factors.  You may begin with a simple face-lift that’s fractions of the cost.  Either way, our team of professionals are available to assist you along your makeover journey.  Our commitment to quality of work, reliability, on-time performance, and doing what we do on a ‘Foundation of Excellence’ is all very important to us.  Schedule your free consolation today!  We look forward to working with you!






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