Our Favorite Green Bean Recipe

Yesterday we had our annual Thanksgiving Potluck!! We had a wonderful time eating and gathering together, to top off the fun, the food was simply delicious!

Everyone loves green beans for the holidays and we were able to grab this recipe, from Lindsay Dempsey,  to share on our blog!  Three easy ingredients, throw in the crock-pot and it’s done!  No fuse green beans; so simple and simply delicious!!



Olive oil

Allen’s Green beans (FIVE cans)

‘Better than Bouillon’ beef base


1.  Drain-off ‘green bean’ juice, from the can, and place into crock pot.

2.  Heat olive oil in a skillet on medium heat.

3.  Add about 2 tbl of ‘Better than Bouillon’ in the crock pot; stir until dissolved with green bean juice.

4.  Lightly saute green beans and pour over in the crock pot.

5.  Cook on LOW for 2-3 hrs and they’re ready to serve!!

If you’ve never used Allen green beans or ‘Better than Bouillon’, then look for the following items at your local grocery store.  (we found these at our local Publix.)  Enjoy!


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