Turn-on Ingenuity with these Trends in Lighting

Bright ideas in lighting!  From switches to skylights, there’s new innovation which creatively illuminates spaces in a stylish, functional and convenient way.

Wall Socets600Fashionable wall plates decorated in 32 dazzling ways to express you!  Adorne’s collection includes cast metals, woods, leather, and vibrant colors.  Extraordinary switches, dimmers, and solutions which brings inspiration to any space.


How would you like to light your room?  Choose to switch, tap, touch or wave.  Here is an example of the Pop-Out Outlet.  A great solution for a child’s bed room, as a nightlight, or an emergency flash light option.


Control central which functions without any presence of outlets on the back splash.  Increase efficiency with swappable outlets, lighting options, USB ports, music and flexibility!  Maximize counter space with easily mountable options for electronics.


Bring natural light in and save on your energy bill with Solatube’s skylight for residential and commercial construction.

Find these lighting trends at Inline Lighting, show room off of Bob Wallace, a dealer of Adorne and Solatube

Choosing Color for the Potter Makeover

The Potter’s makeover will consist of a new kitchen & living room!  The original contest was deemed for a Dream Kitchen Makeover, however, due to the open floor plan we’ve decided to extend the transformation into the living room, as well!

MakeoverCollage600Our team of interior decorators have chosen the color scheme for the walls, trim and ceiling.  Huntsville Decorating Center, one of our local partners, has donated Benjamin Moore paint for the total project!  Paint color(s) are applied; the kitchen and living room look fabulous!

Here’s a sneak peek at the color switches used in the Potter’s makeover.  Keep in mind, only three colors were chosen for the wall, trim and ceiling.

Can you guess the color palette?


Find out, what our designers chose, May 20-24th, at the reveal!!  Airing on WAAY31-TV, 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. show times!

Potter Demolition!

Out with the Old; welcoming the New!!

Demolition is done!  Kitchen & living room, gutted, making way for the new fresh look!

Here’s a glimpse of the process:



In-Door/ Out-Door Tile by Shaw

YES! It’s Really Tile by Shaw

Have you ever wanted hard-wood, in your kitchen, but was hesitant due to the many issues of water?  How about in your master bedroom?

Now you can!  Petrified Hickory, by Shaw, is a versatile Tile with depth in durability and functionality; not limited to any space, surrounding the home.  Enjoy the look of hard-wood, but the ease of Tile.  Expand your design by placing this Tile in bathrooms, indoor/ outdoor patio, laundry room, or even the kitchen.

The beautiful color, in this picture, is called Ancient.  Two additional gorgeous colors, are available, which will complement any decor.  Click, the following link, to view more details about this unique flooring option:  Petrified Hickory  |  Color: Ancient


Save More Sale – Shaw Floors

In the market for a new floor?  Consider Shaw, a full-service flooring company, with impressive selections of  Carpets, Area Rugs, Tile & Stone, Hardwood, Laminate and Resilient floors.

Shaw is committed to being the industry’s low-cost provider, therefore, in keeping with this commitment they’ve extended a sweet offer to consumers … Buy MORE/ Save MORE SALE!

It’s very easy to participate and receive your Shaw Save More Coupon!!  One coupon per registration.  Haley’s Flooring & Interiors is delighted to be a participating retailer.  Hurry in and receive, up to $500 off, of your new floor today!


For Promotional rules and details –> http://shawfloors.com/savemoresale

Watch Shaw’s promotional video –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0LP95GoUOY

Gifting Fresh Basil

Are you looking for a special gift for a friend, teacher, co-worker, or perhaps a neighbor?  Consider fresh Basil.  It’s minimal, in price, and  get’s everyone in the mood for spring!

Basil is a tasty herb that’s found in most kitchens.  The culinary benefits places Basil as one of the most favorable of the herb family.  Jazz-up an ordinary salad, bring life to an Italian dish, or create a Basil Pesto for fish and poultry; the depth of flavor and richness makes this herb a ‘go to’ in today’s kitchens. Some, have found, Basil to be an alternate solution for wellness.  Whatever the case, Basil is a great gift option to consider!

Instructions for gifting Fresh Basil:

We used 12″ burlap ribbon.

photo1Wrap the Basil container with the burlap.

photo1-5Secure with hot glue.


Fold one edge to make a neat seam.BasilGiftFinalSecure fridge, of your choice, around the top edge of the container.  Create a fun tag; secure with burlap string and your done!

Pantry Designs

The Pantry adds much needed storage and function to today’s kitchen.  Buying in bulk has breathed new life into the pantry, as well as, housing food staples and on-the-go snack solutions.  Thankfully, a pantry can be designed and placed in most kitchens, whether as a 3-in shelf between studs or as a walk-in version.

Your dream kitchen will take some planning to meet the current needs of your household.  The Pantry is a big part of that overall plan.  Examine your current pantry…What are the strong points? What would you like to change? Is it too small?  Does it lack storage?

Listed below are a few Pantry options to help you along the way.

BackDoorPantry_600Back Door Drop-off

This pantry is strategically positioned at the back door of the home.  This works will as a drop-off spot for groceries, and lightens the load, for putting away dry goods & such.  Shallow adjustable wire shelves, are practical for quick & easy referencing; while wide & deep nooks, handle dishes and larger bulk objects.SSS_TMF_WHT FOOD PTRY-600

Storage for Cooking & Baking Essentials

This pantry is configured and spaced for a wide range of cookware, baking tools and a choice of bulk items. A focal-point from kitchen to dinning room; the sheer panel doors softens this unexpected storage space.


A Show of Collection

Why hide the dishes when you can show them off?  This eclectic collection is a centerpiece, at a major intersection, between kitchen & living room.  The light sheer panels allow a complementary, hue of color, to peek through; adding beauty and interest to this space.


A Butler’s Station

The Butler’s Pantry is a traditional concept that has seen a rebirth, even though butlers are largely extinct.  Formally, these pantries act as a transition between the formal area and the home’s working space.  In today’s context, they offer the same transition, as well as, space for storing dishware, prep, beverage refills, and space for additional cooking and/or baking.

WalkINPantry_600The Walk-IN Pantry

The functional Walk-In Pantry is designed with fixed & adjustable shelving, wire baskets for cooking essentials, and planned storage for wine.  Shelving support systems are configured, and spaced differently, for a vast variety of storing needs.  Whether housing cookware, dishes, can goods, baskets, etc. the Walk-In pantry is among the most versatile of pantry design types.

St. Patty’s Day Inspiration: Easy Ways to Splash with Green in your Kitchen

With spring in the air, adding splashes of green to your space, not only is a ‘color lift’, but also invites the ‘outside’ to reside in your home.  Here are low-cost ways to pull green into your kitchen space:

StPatty1Adding Color with Variegated Apples

Placing variegated apples, in a brown basket, brightens this cozy kitchen nook.  A simple, easy & cost effective color splash solution.

StPatty2Be Bold with Limes

A clear container show-cases the natural bold green Limes offer.  Place it in front of a brown accent piece; the bold green pops to provide a beautiful focal point.


Adding color with Avocados

Placing Avocados, in a unique bowl, provides color, texture and interest to a quiet counter-top area.  StPatty5

Adding color with Green Apples

Placing Green Apples, in a black rustic basket, adds a bight focal point for any grouping.  Get your message across, by adding a hanging chalk-board plank to a glass container.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Stainless Steel Cleaning – Using House-hold Staples


Ordinary house-hold staples, serve as, extraordinary cleaning options for Stainless Steel kitchen attractions.  Instantly refresh your cooking space, evoking a feeling of bright brilliance; adding light & reflection to your area.  Save money, and time, by exploring the multiple uses of these house-hold staples:



Baking Soda:

Shine-up, the inside, of your stainless steel or aluminum sink.  Rub a liberal amount of baking soda, in a circular motion, in the inside surface with a damp sponge.  Wipe sink, additionally, with a water sponge to remove excess baking soda.

Club Soda:

A terrific way to clean stainless steel sinks, dishwashers, ranges, and other kitchen appliances is using Club Soda.  For just under $2.00 it’s a cost effective, and easy solution, to shine-up the steel.  NOTE:  Add a little flour for stubborn stains; open, Club Soda container slowly, to avoid spills.

70% Rubbing Alcohol:

In a circular motion, squeeze an ample amount of alcohol on a sponge, or paper towel, and wipe.  Your faucet, sink and other stainless steel will soon be sparkling again.  NOTE:  We recommend using 70% rubbing alcohol, or higher, for better results.

White Vinegar:

Use a small amount of white vinegar to rub water spots out of your sink.  It can also be used, as a general stainless steel cleaner; just add water to vinegar for an optional cleaning solution.

The tips, in this post, are purely our view point and there is no guarantee on your returns. Hence all the visitors are requested to apply their prudence and conduct a sample test before acting on any of the recommendations by this blog or any of its mode. Neither Haley’s Flooring nor any of its partners, members, or employees hold any responsibility of any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the recommendations.

Makeover Planning – Keeping the Budget under Control

Kitchen Makeover anyone?  The first question, that comes to mind is, how much?  According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the average estimated figure is over $17,000.  Since money matters are on the minds, of most consumers, the ability to estimate the ‘cost’ is a crucial part of the planning process.

Since an upgraded kitchen is your destination, first consider defining your Budget; which acts as a compasscompass to direct our  remodel.  This logical starting point brings comfort in knowing the direction in one’s overall design.

To adequately define your make-over starting point, you must determine the level of ‘new look’ your going for.  In doing this, it will keep the budget under control.  Ask yourself these simple questions to begin the mapping process of your makeover:

  1. What’s your main reason for changing your kitchen?
  2. Will this be a two-cook kitchen or one-cook?
  3. Do you want a Simple face-lift, Extensive replacement, or Major structural remodel?
  4. Do you simply need to replace counter tops, add recessed down lights, reface cabinets, etc. to achieve your over-all look?
  5. In general, what can you afford to spend now; what are you willing to spend later?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to a kitchen makeover.  Cabinets and appliances vary in cost drastically, depending on the type of makeover: low, middle, high, or ultra high.  Below are estimated percentages, which factor-into the new kitchen remodel puzzle:

Cabinets 37%

Labor 20%

Appliances 19%

Flooring 6%

Windows 4%

Fixtures 4%

Fittings 3%

Misc. products/ services 7%

As shown above, kitchen cabinets typically eat up 37% of the makeover pie; labor comes in second; and on average appliances add another 19%.   Structural, plumbing, and electrical changes all affect the bottom line significantly.

If your dreaming of a remodel, consider these factors.  You may begin with a simple face-lift that’s fractions of the cost.  Either way, our team of professionals are available to assist you along your makeover journey.  Our commitment to quality of work, reliability, on-time performance, and doing what we do on a ‘Foundation of Excellence’ is all very important to us.  Schedule your free consolation today!  We look forward to working with you!