Tulips – Adding Color

Did you know some people have used the bulb of a Tulip to substitute onion when cooking?

Tulip bulbs are edible but be careful, they could have a deadly fungus which grows on the decaying bulbs, and or a special chemical which commercial growers use to prevent them from decaying.  Tulips are in the lily family and most plants in that family are edible, people do use them as an onion substitute but they’re not as tasty.

This popular-spring flowering bulb inspires the decorating senses, with it’s, richness in color, texture, shape, and unique form of bulb; bringing a since of elegance to a space.

This well-lite kitchen displays elements of greenery, white color palette, featured cabinet and ceiling lighting which adds a unique elegant charm to this cooking space.  The Tulips simply contribute to the delectable charm.

tulipinKitchen600Here’s some tips about Tulips>> Growing Tulip:  Plant 5-8 inches deep & 4-6 inches apart in a sunny location.  Tulips need, a period of, cool weather to bloom.

Tulip Varies:  early, mid & late bloom times

The variety of Flowering seasons of Hybrid Tulips:

Common Name

Early Bloom


March & early April

Red Emperior

March & early April

Apricot Beauty

March & early April

Double Early

March & early April

Greigii Tulips

March & early April


Common Name

Mid Bloom


April & early May

Swan Wings Tulip

April & early May

Darwin Hybrids

April & early May

Parrot Tulips

April & early May


Common Name

Late Bloom

Single Late

Late May

Double Late

Late May

Viridiflora Tulips

Late May


Late May

Fringed Tulips

Late May

Rembrandt Tulips

Late May

Multi-Flowering Tulips

Late May


The Making of the Booth – Final Chapter 2013

What an undertaking the Making of the Home Show booth project has been!  This would have never happened without the vision, hard work and dedication of Bill Denyers and his team of guys!!! Three weeks preparation time, 40 hours to assemble, with a crew of 10; Monday – Thursday.

Here’s a snap-shot of our week!!  We are incredibly blessed to have such talented employees. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE IT ALL COME TOGETHER!!!!!!


























































































As a result of the hard work, we have an incredible booth for this year’s show!




























































The Making of the Booth – 2013

Many of you know, we will be at the Building Home and Remodeling Show, this weekend. The show opens on Friday, March 1st, and runs through, Sunday, March 3rd.  We hope that you would make plans to attend!

We are in the process of creating our booth!  A lot of hard work has gone into it!! We’ve made tremendous strides; take a look at our progress!































































































Don’t forget to stop by our booth, we would love to meet you! Look for the large Haley’s sign above!

The Building, Home and Remodeling show details are below:

Cost is:  $8.00 (for adults), $6.00 (for senior citizens), 12 yrs and under is FREE!

Times are:  Friday:  noon – 8 p..m; Saturday: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sunday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location:  Von Braun Civic Center (VBCC), South Hall



Kitchen Efficiency – Work Triangle

Efficiency is a must in our fast pace, multifaceted culture.  Many families live on-the-go life’s; home time is often a rare & cherished commodity when available.  When examining family time management, often these questions are considered:  How can we be more efficient & productive with our time?  How can we consolidate & cut steps to maximize the  precious time we have? Examining, kitchen work flow efficiency, is no different.

A simple & valuable method to determine the efficiency, of your kitchen space, is with the work triangle.  This design measuring standard has been introduced by kitchen layout studies since the 1950’s.  An efficient work triangle greatly reduces the steps a cook must take during meal preparation and should not interrupt traffic flow.

There are several challenges to the working triangle, such as, elaborate island work centers, two-cook layouts and specialized appliances.  However, these challenges can be overcome with a well-planned design; such as, strategically placing the island within the work triangle.

Working Triangle test:

The three legs of the triangle connect the refrigerator, sink, and range.  The ideal sum of the three legs is between 12 & 23 feet.  Measure your space and determine if it meets the 12-23ft spacing challenge.work_triangle2

How these Kitchens measured up to the Work Triangle challenge:




Need help?  Our professionals are available to assist you, at any point, in your makeover planning stage. Make an appointment & receive a FREE in-home estimate; giving you the peace of mind at the beginning of your makeover journey.  Look forward to serving you!  http://www.haleysflooring.com/estimate.aspx

Defining Kitchen Lay-out

Planning a new kitchen is a threefold process:  planning the space, defining a style, and choosing components.

Sit back, close your eyes, and visualize your dream kitchen.  While brainstorming, it helps to have some basic layout schemes in mind.  These floor plans have become classics – practical both for utilizing space and for incorporating an efficient working cooking environment.

One-Wall Kitchen

Small or open kitchens frequently make use of the one-wall design, incorporating a single line of cabinets & appliances.

Advantage:  A One-wall kitchen can be concealed with sliding or folding doors.

Disadvantage:  Most have considered this to be the least efficient of kitchen plans; it has all the work centers placed along a single wall.











Corridor Kitchen

A kitchen which is open at both ends is a candidate for the corridor or gallery style kitchen.

Advantage:  Efficient for a single cook, as long as, the work centers are grouped close together.

Disadvantage:  Household traffic usually must flow through this space as well.  Crowding can easily occur & make cooking & prep unpleasant for the cook.











L-Shaped Kitchen

The classic layout utilizes two adjacent walls, spreading the work centers out.  Typically the refrigerator is at one end, while the range or wall oven(s) are present on the other.  Typically the sink is stationed in the middle.

Advantage:  Generous counter space & ease of traffic flow are among the biggest advantages of the L-shaped plan.  This creates a since of elongated workspace & privacy for the cook.

Disadvantage:  It may not be interactive enough for some cooks.  Consider adding a free-standing island, to the L-configuration, for a more interactive/congregational space.   The L-shaped plan is also known to decrease wasted steps and increase storage space.












U-Shaped Kitchen

Three adjacent walls make-up the U-shaped configuration.

Advantage:  Considered, by many, to be the most efficient of all kitchen plans.  The U-shaped plan saves steps by closely grouping work centers, by design.   The cook is also surrounded by plenty of counter-top and essential storage space.

Disadvantage:  If there is not sufficient distance between opposite walls, the cook will feel closed-in and kitchen efficiency decreases.












G-Shaped Kitchen

A derivative of the U-shape, the G-shaped plan adds an extra wall of cabinets and counter-top that wrap around to become a peninsula or island.

Advantage:  This configuration creates a space where the cook is surrounded by work centers.

Disadvantage:  The G-shaped design can easily give the kitchen an enclosed feeling.


Kitchen Makeover Reveal

On today’s featured make-over,  Haley’s helped this homeowner take an ordinary cooking space to an extraordinary congregational place!
Before Kitchen2









Before: This dated kitchen screamed for updating!







After:  All new cabinets, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, unique stone backslash, eye-catching lighting, and the insert of a functional island.  Once, not-so-attractive kitchen, has been transformed into a entertaining & functional classy cooking space.  We loved it so much, it is the feature on our new website HaleysFlooring.

We look forward to serving you and allowing your Dream Kitchen to come true!

Sharing the Love


Today we are feeling the LOVE! Tomorrow marks the first official day to submit your entries in our Dream Kitchen Makeover 2013!  One of the goals, of this give-a-way, is to show our appreciate & gratitude for allowing us to serve you for 25 years!  We are so thankful for our community and customers!

The make-over has an estimated retail value of $35,000.  We’ve partnered with select companies that have agreed to offer their expertise to bring you a  total kitchen make-over.  Familiarize yourself with their exclusive products and services, your never know, it may be you who wins!!

A List of Participating Partners:

1 – Bob Wallace Appliance:   http://bobwallaceappliance.com/ 

2 – Wellborn Cabinet, INC:  http://wellborn.com/

3 – TRITON Stone Group:  http://www.tritonstone.com/

4 – WAAYTV31:  http://www.waaytv.com/

5 – Lite 96.9:  http://www.lite969.com/

6 – The Huntsville Times:  http://www.al.com/huntsvilletimes/

7 – Matthew Bachus Construction

We’d like to thank our partners, for their participation, in helping us make this ‘dream’ a reality for you!  Look forward to hearing you! 

Excess Magazine Solution

An abundance of magazines can often be a source of irritating clutter in the average home.  Excess magazines are typically offered to friends, moved to bathrooms, used for kids projects or simply thrown away.

Have you ever thought about turning your magazines into furniture?  According to Fresh Home Design and Architecture, an unexpected DIY project has emerged and is grouped with the top 10 most talked about Interior Design Trends for 2013.

DIY is becoming an exciting element of Interior Home Design.  In addition to purchasing a fabulous unique piece, one has the opportunity of  becoming the lead-designer, and creator, of something that has a seal of personal character.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to stack, like-colored, magazines creating additional seating while complementing your decor?


Inspiration for the excess; a new DIY trend for 2013.  Hope you will add this one to your nest of fabulous & functional ideas!

Introducing the Dream Kitchen Makeover

Makeover your kitchen with our Dream Kitchen Makeover!  One household will win, product and services, over $35,000 which includes:  New Counter tops, Cabinets, Appliances, Flooring, Lighting, Back Splash & Accessories.  Follow our blog spot for contest updates, kitchen trends, DIY decor & so much more!

Stay tuned! Entry begins FEBRUARY 15th!!