DIY: Tile Coasters

We love the art of re-purpose around the showroom; waste made to use with a new functional purpose.  Here’s a couple of DIY ideas using left-over tiles from a customer project.  Perfect for a unique gift idea for that special someone.

Photo Coasters


Painted Coasters


Directions for the Picture Coaster Tiles:

1.  Clean off tiles with a damp towel

2.  While drying, cut images to fit tiles. (NOTE: For best results, use a paper cutter and make your image slightly smaller than the tile)

3.  When tiles are dry, cover tiles with Modge Podge and place images onto tile. Wait a few minutes, cover tile and image with Modge Podge. NOTE: (Use a sponge brush to make the tile smooth and a bristled brush if you want texture.)

Modge Podge Tile

4.  Once completely dry, paint 2-3 coats of a natural stone sealer and finisher over the top and sides of the tile. Make sure to let each coat dry 30-45 mins before adding another coat.

Modge Podge Image

5.  Put small felt pads on the bottom of the coasters to protect furniture and your project is done!

Felt Pads

Directions for the Painted Coaster Tiles:

1.  Clean of tiles with a damp towel.

2.  Paint tile using Acrylic Paint and a stencil. For a low cost option, print off the image, expose the image with an exact knife…which is what you see below.


3.  Let paint dry for at least 30 mins before brushing on the sealer and finisher. This will prevent smearing when the sealer is put on. Apply 2-3 coats of sealer waiting 30-45 minutes between coats.


4.  Once completely dry add felt pads to the bottom of coasters and your project is done!

Felt Pads

Create a memorable Father’s or Mother’s Day, Grandparents, Teacher’s or Staff gift at a low cost.  TilesFB

Ask one of our flooring representatives for the availability of natural stone tiles in our showroom. Tiles can be purchased at a low cost and in small quantities.TilePics3-550

Pallet-to-Purpose Nursery Accent Wall – a DIY Feature

When expectant couples plan to have a baby, one of the most exciting parts of the process is decorating the nursery.   Decisions of picking out furniture, bedding, paint colors, clothes, etc. is fun and enjoyable.  When challenges arise and the pressure is ON to be done before the baby comes, a new found determination often comes to get the project done.  This is exactly what happened in the Leininger’s story.

Inspired by Just a Girl, the Leininger’s had a drive and passion to see this project through.  Daddy deployed at the beginning of the pregnancy and back before the baby’s due date; the Leiningers were challenged with 1 week to see this project through.  Project starts and mom goes into labor mid-project!  Nothing stopped this determined couple from accomplishing their goal, needless to say, the wall went up!

The homeowner is allowing us to share the process; a scope of how this accent wall vision became a reality.


These Pallets were found at home decorating stores, other businesses and on the side of the road.

TIP: Look for pallets which have been ‘Heat treated’ to avoid pesticides; a HT will be located on the pallet’s side.

Removing Boards

The pallets were broken apart to form individual boards using a Reciprocating Saw to cut through nails.

 Organizing Boards

The boards were organized according to size then sanded to remove the dirt and rough edges.


The accent wall was painted a dark color to hide gaps in the adjacent boards placed on the wall.

In an effort  to preserve the value of their home, 2 x 4’s were nailed to the wall studs; protecting it’s integrity.

nails used

A Brad nail-er was used, with a compressor, to mount the boards.

Pallets going up

To receive the ‘rich wood tone’ , a Polyurethane stain blend was used; 1 quart for a 10 x 12 wall.

Tip:  Stain boards outside and let them sit for a few days to avoid strong fumes in the house.

Installing Pallets

Outlet Extenders were added due to the additional space created by the 2 x 4 protective layer on the wall.

Pallet Wall Completed

The finished room…gorgeous!

As baby David grows up, we could only expect him to cherish this room – holding a very special place in his  heart.  We too love this nursery; the homeowners did a wonderful job!

It took the Leininger’s 1 day to take apart the pallets, 1 day to organize and 1 day to stain.  One regret from this couple is that they did not allow the boards to air for several days, therefore, the strong fumes was a result.   Letters were found at hobby lobby and spray painted white.  The total cost of this project — $80

Another option for the wood wall is to use left-over wood from your floors, barn wood, raw pallets or even brick.

Urban Inspired Kitchen Decor – Potter’s Stool

When you think of Urban design style, what comes to mind…big city, loft living, heavy traffic?  Well many homeowners in the TN Valley are adopting this style and incorporating elements of the trend in their homes.

Below are three kitchen designs:  Urban-Industrial, Contemporary and Transitional – all utilizing an industrial-inspired pieces.

The common element in these kitchen are the Potter’s stool which features a metal base with two box stretchers connecting the legs. It comes with a beautiful Hickory finish saddle seat adding natural rich tones & texture.  Back-support ensures quality and comfort — swivel height adjustment feature allows your guest to modify the chair to their specific needs.  See the design results of using the Potter’s stool in these kitchens.

Potter's Stool

Wolf’s Since 1902


Susan Manrao White Kitchen with Blue Island-HGTVPotter's Stool4

Above is a snap-shot of the Potter’s Kitchen in our 2013 Dream Kitchen makeover.  Our decorators chose to highlight this Transitional kitchen with the Potter’s Stool.  Ironically the name of the stool, and our Dream Kitchen winners, are in perfect synq — great design choice all around.

Countertops – Waterfall

A waterfall counter-top is a design inspiration by a contemporary style, also called risers. The look is a fresh, simple and a straight-lined addition to any kitchen (or bathroom) breaking away from the expected horizontal design flow. Instead of the typical configuration; generally ending at the edge of cabinetry, the waterfall seamlessly falls over the side of the cabinet to the floor.

Many different materials can be used to create this look, such as Corian, engineered stones, natural stones and even laminate for a more affordable option.  The stone continues vertically down the sides of an island or counter-top, creating a waterfall effect. It beautifully ties the counter-tops or island to the floor, giving the whole space a unified, connected feeling.  Below are a few inspirations we enjoy and hope you will as well!


HanStone Quartz Counter-top featured in our Urban Loft Renewal booth in the 2014 Building Home & Remodeling Home Show. The color feature is called Blanco Canvas by HanStone.
WaterfallCountersEx5A connect contemporary Urban space with Waterfall counter-tops and island flowing to a concrete floor from Solo Thais
Marble Waterfall Island by Desire to Decorate
Concrete Waterfall counter-top by Elle Decor
WaterfallCountersEx4Love the contrast with the wood floors from Solo Thais

Fresh Look with Paint from the 2014 Home Show

Interior wall color can enhance the visual appearance and appeal of surroundings; giving an ordinary space a fresh extraordinary look.  Instant ‘mood’ change — for ex. turning an existing cold and uninviting space into warm, relaxing and invitational.  It’s been proven that paint does wonders to enhance an existing space, however, choosing the right color can be a difficult task.

In this year’s Building Home and Remodeling Show, we’ve chosen a color which speaks warm, yet cool neutral grey tones for an interior wall.  This neutral was a great back drop & companion for our porcelain brownish red tiles, teal accents and various brown splashes in this year’s booth.  Take note of the Interior wall color, Interior trim and Exterior trim.  Add these neutrals to your color file; it’s among this year’s Spring color trends.


Interior Walls = Benjamin Moore Affinity –  AF – 100 Pashmina


Interior Trim = Benjamin Moore Affinity –  AF – 25 Paper Mache


Exterior Trim = Benjamin Moore Affinity –  AF – 80 Jute

Curious to see how these colors will enhance your own space?  Try Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer tool which helps homeowners virtually view colors before paint ever hits the walls.

Explore paint color combinations to create the perfect look for your space with Benjamin Moore’s Color Viewer tool

Pallet-to-Finish:: Our Top TEN Creative Recycle, Upcycle, Re-use Pallet Projects

How does a wooden Pallet become a functional/ useable Treasure?  Constructional engineering, creativity and time.

We’ve collected our top 10 favorites Pallet-to-Finish projects for reclaimed pallet wood inspiration.  Three of our top 10 are Haley’s Flooring and Interiors creations; used in this year’s Building and Home Remodeling Show, as well as, custom furniture pieces from the show room floor.

Hope these inspirations spark a creative reclaimed project near you!

Pallet-to-Finish Collection:


1 – Kitchen Island – This reclaimed and distressed finished wood kitchen island is custom-made by Haley’s and includes the aqua quartz counter-top! Featured in the 2014 Building Home and Remodeling Home show.


2 – Kitchen Furniture – A custom piece, by Haley’s, featured on the Interior’s side of our showroom.


3 – Bench & Coffee Table – Our very own custom-made cedar bench in a blue with antique white finish… it can be used outdoors or inside! Also, place this reclaimed wood hand-made coffee table in front for a great look! -via Bill Denyer

BreakfastInBedTray4 – Breakfast In Bed Tray – The complete project can be found at:

DeskTop5 – Desk Top – Have an old vintage desk you’d like to place curb-side?  Consider this project to give it new life!  Click the link for the complete project, via Thistle Wood Farms.


6 – Rustic Headboard – The complete project can be found at: Stylizimo Blog (Design Voice).

FlatScreenBackDrop7 – Flat Screen Back Drop – The complete project can be found at:


8 – Office Furniture – The complete project can be found at: Design Boom


9 – Pallet Bench – The complete project can be found at: The Iron Stone Nest


10- Wall Art – The complete project can be found at: Just Laine

Union Square by Daltile – Diverse Applications to a Classical Look

Five facts you probably did not know about our brick wall:

1. The look of brick in a Porcelain ‘ brick’  Tile!  Used as a paver floor and wall tile called Union Square by Daltile. The color, we chose to use, is Courtyard Red with an installation technique using Buff mortar, wire brushing and clear sealer to finish.  In our application, the Buff mortar was chosen to tone down the red; bringing out the brown tones in the brick.


2.  Abrasion and skid resistant.BrickWall2-comp

3.  Excellent durability with a break strength, up to, 400 lb.


4.  Indoor or outdoor application with residential and commercial usage.


5. Frost Proof.


Daltile’s Union Square series of ceramic tile offers the perfect way to create an antique weathered/ cobblestone appearance with diverse applications. This tile is available in two different sizes, 2” x 8” and 4” x 8”, creating an excellent way to personalize the look of a floor, patio pool deck, counter-top, back splash or accent wall. There’s four brick shades available including Cobble Brown, a dark brown shade; Courtyard Red, a dark brick red; Heirloom rose, a tan color with a pink hue; and Terrace Beige, a medium beige color.

Stop by our store today and ask one of our flooring experts how Daltile’s Union Square series of ceramic tile can help bring a classic stunning look to your indoor and/or outdoor spaces.

Increase your Home Security with a Liberty Safe

According to the FBI- Uniform Crime Reporting, the following information was released about Burglary in America:

  • In 2010, there were an estimated 2,159,878 burglaries—a decrease of 2.0 percent when compared with 2009 data.
  • Burglaries increased 2.0 percent in 2010 compared to the 2001 estimate.
  • Burglary accounted for 23.8 percent of the estimated number of property crimes committed in 2010.
  • Of all burglaries, 60.5 percent involved forcible entry, 33.2 percent were unlawful entries (without force), and the remainder (6.3 percent) were forcible entry attempts.
  • Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property in 2010; overall, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,119.
  • Burglaries of residential properties accounted for 73.9 percent of all burglary offenses.

Consider protecting your property valuables with a heavy duty residential vault such as a Liberty Safe.  Join the more than 1.5 MILLION HOMEOWNERS who have found the peace of mind that comes from buying a heavy duty, sturdy steel residential or commercial vault from the Liberty Gun Safe company.  America’s #1 producer, selling more than 1.4 MILLION SAFES, as of 2012.   In business for over 24 years and named the #1 best selling home and guns safes in America carrying a strong reputation for quality fire and security safes; reliable long term performance and dependable service.

Safe, durable and is the perfect gift that will last as long as it’s warranty… a LIFE-TIME!


Durability is not the only selling feature of these safes.  Liberty Safe offers a way for homeowners to monitor their safe while away through alert triggers, which are customizable.  According to the FBI, Home Break-In’s are the most common threat to a home, while most home intrusions happen when a homeowner is away, therefore, a device which detects a threat and notifies the homeowner becomes a valuable extension to security.



If SafeLert Monitoring System by Liberty Safe detects a threat or change in condition, the system will notify the homeowner with an alert via text(s) and/or email(s).  Click here to read more about this feature>


If your concerned about keeping up with your combination or losing it…Liberty Safe has a NEW feature that saves the day!

The Liberty COMBO VAULT retrieval system



This simple to set-up feature is FREE for all Liberty Safe owners.  The system allows safe owners to store their combination through a safe and secure encrypted program — only the safe owner has access to the information and retrieval is easy.

In the pass, safe owners would have to call Liberty for their combination.  This curtsy service has not gone away and is still an option, however, now more efficient to have access to the information through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection.

Click here to read more about Liberty’s Combo Vault Feature>

If you’ve been in the market to buy a sturdy – steel – security safety vault we’d love to help!  We are a Liberty Safe Dealer; visit our show room and see our on-site selection.

Delivery is available; some restrictions apply.

Personalize Lighting Control – Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds

Everyone loves the sun, however, direct excessive heat exposure and UN-controlled home sunlight can effect wood floors, valuable furnishings and hinder energy efficiency for most homeowners.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to utilize the brilliance of technology to easily control the amount of sun exposure in the home?  Hunter Douglas offers a smart solution utilizing your mobile device; available for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®   technology’s.  Homeowners are utilizing the Platinum™ App which allows specific times to be set on a smart device; automatically raising, traversing or tilting window coverings at any time.  This tool drastically helps the homeowner to control summer generated heat, forcing it to stay OUT, while inviting winter heat to cozy-up and stay IN.

Watch this short video to find out how motorized blinds, by Hunter Douglas, helps homeowners efficiently and economically control sun exposure.

We are a Hunter Douglas dealer.  Visit our showroom today and allow our home experts to help you choose the window covering, which is, right for you.

2014 Building Home & Remodeling Show – Booth Remodel Insider

Getting ready for the 2014  Building Home and Remodeling Show!  Our booth remodel, from last year’s structure to this year’s show piece, is in the works!  Show dates have posted — March 7-9th; we hope you’ll make plans to attend!

Last year’s booth project was a major undertaking!  Three weeks of preparation and 40 hours to assemble with a crew of 10…Monday – Thursday.  The vision, hard work and dedication of Bill Denyers, along with his team, was a huge success and greatly appreciated!

We’re frequently reminded of how incredibly blessed we are to have such talented employees!

Plans are developing to transform our former TRANSITIONAL booth design, with it’s mix of traditional and contemporary elements, into a contemporary loft space.  A glimpse of last year’s layout…

Before&AfterFBLEFT-side view of last year’s booth.









Open floor plan with a Transitional living room and dinning space.






Last year’s  kitchen — U-shaped.29Post600sz












Here’s our schematic for this year’s home show.  Notice how it mimics last year’s floor plan; however, with noticeable differences to come!  It’s our in-house discussion piece for design collaboration — here’s what’s on the design table, but not in stone:  1. raised roof for an urban loft renewal look; 2.  open booth structure — removing supporting beam; 3. Contemporary design; 4. Urban/ rustic/ loft and 5. re-purposed brick!!  Lot’s to come; we’ll keep you posted, right here, on our blog spot with our progress.





Last year’s TRANSITIONAL space to a CONTEMPORARY Loft.  With these plans, our goal is to show homeowners the removal of exterior walls is not essential to have the look you love.  While using your existing structure, same amount of space, consider moving interior walls to form the dream home/room you desire.

Thinking about a Home remodel?  Give us a call today for a FREE in-home estimate!  Request for an appointment today!