Plaster of Paris Homemade Chalk Paint

Brand name chalk paints come with an expensive price tag, in the range of, $30 – $40 a quart.  To save on cost, we’ve decided to find a recipe which would bring us the results of a brand name chalk paint but for much less.

There are several ways to make your own chalk paint; some methods use Baking Soda, Un-sanded Grout, Plaster of Paris and Calcium Carbonate.  In our project, we chose to use Plaster of Paris to reclaim this side of the road find, into a usable furniture piece.  Recipe and instructions are below:


Chalk Paint Recipe:

  •  2 cups latex paint
  • 4 tbl Plaster of Paris (under $10 for a large box, which will last awhile)
  • 2 tbl water

Mix well and paint.  Distress areas you’d like the original finish to come through by sanding.  The application is smooth like a brand name chalk paint.  -Enjoy!


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