Simply Adorable Centerpiece for the Fourth of July

Grab the attention of your guest with this simply adorable centerpiece!  In this DIY project, we use fruit as a decorating opportunity, while leveraging the bouquet assembly of a local super market!  This inexpensive project takes about 30 min of your time & roughly $15 from your budget!

Here’s what’s needed to get started:  1.  Patriotic bouquet, 2. scissors, 3. blueberries (1 carton) and 4. raspberries (1 carton).  Our steps are below… have fun!


 Arrangement Instructions:

1.  Gather blue, white and red carnations.  NOTE:  We found our bouquet at Publix supermarket for $7.99.

2.  Cut your stems, at an angle, for a desired length.

3.  Add more color by layering with fruit.  NOTE:  To preserve the fruit life use a cylinder, inner vase, and insert the stems.  In doing so, the fruit life is extended by not immersing in water.

4.  Add water to desired level and your ready to display!


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