Stainless Steel Cleaning – Using House-hold Staples


Ordinary house-hold staples, serve as, extraordinary cleaning options for Stainless Steel kitchen attractions.  Instantly refresh your cooking space, evoking a feeling of bright brilliance; adding light & reflection to your area.  Save money, and time, by exploring the multiple uses of these house-hold staples:



Baking Soda:

Shine-up, the inside, of your stainless steel or aluminum sink.  Rub a liberal amount of baking soda, in a circular motion, in the inside surface with a damp sponge.  Wipe sink, additionally, with a water sponge to remove excess baking soda.

Club Soda:

A terrific way to clean stainless steel sinks, dishwashers, ranges, and other kitchen appliances is using Club Soda.  For just under $2.00 it’s a cost effective, and easy solution, to shine-up the steel.  NOTE:  Add a little flour for stubborn stains; open, Club Soda container slowly, to avoid spills.

70% Rubbing Alcohol:

In a circular motion, squeeze an ample amount of alcohol on a sponge, or paper towel, and wipe.  Your faucet, sink and other stainless steel will soon be sparkling again.  NOTE:  We recommend using 70% rubbing alcohol, or higher, for better results.

White Vinegar:

Use a small amount of white vinegar to rub water spots out of your sink.  It can also be used, as a general stainless steel cleaner; just add water to vinegar for an optional cleaning solution.

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