Turn-on Ingenuity with these Trends in Lighting

Bright ideas in lighting!  From switches to skylights, there’s new innovation which creatively illuminates spaces in a stylish, functional and convenient way.

Wall Socets600Fashionable wall plates decorated in 32 dazzling ways to express you!  Adorne’s collection includes cast metals, woods, leather, and vibrant colors.  Extraordinary switches, dimmers, and solutions which brings inspiration to any space.


How would you like to light your room?  Choose to switch, tap, touch or wave.  Here is an example of the Pop-Out Outlet.  A great solution for a child’s bed room, as a nightlight, or an emergency flash light option.


Control central which functions without any presence of outlets on the back splash.  Increase efficiency with swappable outlets, lighting options, USB ports, music and flexibility!  Maximize counter space with easily mountable options for electronics.


Bring natural light in and save on your energy bill with Solatube’s skylight for residential and commercial construction.

Find these lighting trends at Inline Lighting, show room off of Bob Wallace, a dealer of Adorne and Solatube

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