Wedding Anniversary & Engagement Party Decor Inspiration

Nothing more inspirational then seeing the glow of a bride walking down the isle to greet her future husband. Fifty years of marriage is quite an accomplishment and deserves celebrating, as well as, a newly engaged son of the veteran parents! Two momentous occasions; why not celebrate them together?

Telling both stories, through display and arrangement, can be a bit of a design challenge.  Designer and Marketing Director, Kristy Haley, accomplishes this through warm landscapes, displays, arrangements; and all by candlelight.

50th_3_600White tulle, burlap ribbon, and warm candles set off these snap-shots taken 50 years ago on a wedding day.  FramedPics-600

White frame, secured with, timeless fabric and pictures featuring the honored couple.PartyDecor2-600Large vase with candle votive surrounded with white rice. Scott2-600

Mason jar wrapped in burlap ribbon and lit votive.  Great space saving centerpiece option honoring the engaged couple. dessert-600

CAKE!!! CAKE!!!  CAKE!!!FOOD-600Delicious dinner; perfect for a crowd!  NelsonCollage600Fifty years of marriage; congratulations to the happily married couple! ScottCollage600Thrilled to be engaged couple!  Soon to be married in October of 2013…congratulations!


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