BONA Customer Testimonial

An accomplished cleaning routine resulting in fabulous floors is a desirable ‘To Do’ for any homeowner!  Visible dull-streaks, after a hard cleaning effort, put’s a heavy damper on the whole spirit of ‘cleaning floors ‘.

Before  BONA Pro, this homeowner had to wait 45 min for the floor to dry, daring anyone to cross, just to experience a dull streaked finish.  After testing the BONA Pro cleaner, the results were astounding!   No dulling, streaks, nor oil residue; little-to-no wait time to experience the beautiful results! The quick drying agent allows for instant gratification…”I love BONA Pro!!”, says TEakes.

Below are the impressive before and after snap-shots!




Do you have streaks, water spots, or cloudy residue on your wood or laminate floors? Typically this is a sign of too much water or oil in your cleaning agent.

We recommend BONA professional cleaning products as a solution! BONA is a non-toxic cleaner formulated for wood floors and contains a quick drying agent which leaves no dulling residue.

We are a certified BONA Pro dealer; ask one of our flooring representatives which BONA-Pro product will work best for you!

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